Gahhh IE Problems...

Before you even SUGGEST IT, I’m not going to a different browser. I dont’ care about anything else much, and I can’t use Opera. There. Settled.

That said, a particularly vicious set of spyware has hit my com and put all sorts of retarded adult sites in my comp. Fair enough, wipe it off, I run Adaware about every day as is, and for some reason SpyBot tends to hang when I use it. But this bout won’t let me change my homepage for the bullshit “search enging” that it made as my home page, nor wipe my temp files or history: the General tab in Internet Options is just… gone. Liek it was never there.

Anybody have an idea to restore it? I’m running SpyBot (or trying to) to get rid of whatever the hell is on my comp, but I want that tab back.

First off, I’d suggest getting AdAware along with Spybot, using both together tends to achieve better results, and make sure they’re both updated. I’d also run a virus scan, a good free one being AVG Anti-Virus.

And despite you saying so, at least take a look at Slimbrowser after you get all your problems solved. It runs off of IE (so the download is tiny) and adds useful features that IE lacks. You’d get the same problems as you currently have with any browser methinks, so run those programs. Either way, I highly suggest you give Slimbrowser a try, it’s extremly similar to IE becasue it runs off of it, but adds features for those people who don’t mind using IE in the first place.

Also, if you right click on the Standard IE Toolbar (The thing with the Back Button, the Homepage Button and the History button), and go to “Customize Standard Toolbar”, you can add and remove certain parts of the toolbar. I assume you would be able to put the History tab back on there.

Let’s try this again Sorc.

My problem is in Tools -> Internet Options. The General Tab is missing.

Meh alright Epic. I dont’ know how it will help, but alright…

Try to solve the problem first, as I said, the issues will probably carry over as it runs off of IE

If it’s a good user interface you want, why use a two year old rendering engine when you can have a rendering engine merely 2 weeks old (Check out Firebird)? I’m just asking.

It’s not solving my problem though. I don’t want a coverup. I want a SOLUTION.

Format and reinstall, it always works. And don’t download spy stuff (that is: no kazaa, make your IE security level higher, etc) anymore.

What Ren said.

You could also h4xx0r the register.

Yeah, that’s a solution, but not an effective one. I’m sorry to hear about that virus thing SS. If nothing else helps, why don’t you buy a Norton Utilities package. My comp was screwed up a while ago (not with your problem though) and I ran all the tests it had and it fixed it. It’s not a free solution but at least you won’t have to back up your entire hard drive.

Heh, it’s not hard to back up the neccessary files though. Especially if you have Broadband, or another computer. I’d say what that costs you costs you way less than getting Norton AV. Even though having that is a good thing to have…

Originally posted by Wertigon
Heh, it’s not hard to back up the neccessary files though. Especially if you have Broadband…

Bingo, I don’t have broadband :too bad; . I’m praying for it for X-mas though.

I think it’s possible to reinstall IE, which might solve the issue.

<img src=“”> You think wrong Merl, it isn’t :stuck_out_tongue: All that does is move some icons around.

I don’t mean uninstall, I mean reinstall. Like repair or whatever.

Originally posted by Merlin
I don’t mean uninstall, I mean reinstall. Like repair or whatever.

That’s what I was thinking. But I dunno how. Ah well…

I know this is certainly a long shot, but do you or the place you bought the computer know which start-up disk has IE on it?


IE has been part of Windows since Win 98. What do you mean?

Well, at least my computer (Windows 2000) came with three backup disks. I’m just asking if he knew which one had IE on it, so maybe (I’m not sure as I’m no expert), you could reinstall that disk and not have to redo his whole hard drive.

Oh, that. Well…

  1. He runs 98.
  2. IE is on the CD.