I downloaded an anime called DearS, and it’s another one of those animes, where:

Single,loser guy finds mysterious girl who can’t talk and lives with, supposed to be romantic with ALOT of perverted jokes.

I am getting tired of these kind of animes :confused:

And how, but lately theres been alot of cliche repeated anime stories, thats one reason I stoped watching anime SERIES. At least with anime movies I dont have to get sucked into it for 50+ episodes. I just got the re-released DVD box set of IRIA though, that made me happy.

And my gf is starting to watch Inu Yasha… god… if it werent so friggin long I may watch it too but I dunno… At least Inu Yasha’s theme is cool… Makes me think of a good RPG theme.

What’s Iria about?

Kinda old, but:
Un-destroyable creature known as Zeram is created.
Iria is a bounty hunter in training.
She & Her brother investigate a case that involves Zeram.
Brother gets smooshed do deaths. (not really smooshed)
Iria goes through a big ol thing to try and save several planets from Zeram to avenge her brother and kill Zeram in the process.

Cool stuff, look it up some time.

Hey NB, you can always go dl Champloo through I beleive 7 or 8. :slight_smile: