Gah, the old Quake 2 thread is cluttered as all hell, let it die.

Ok people, Quake 2. You all know the drill, we want to bust caps in eachothers asses. You can get the installer from my f-serv when you want (there’s a queue, though), and for staff, I’ll upload the installers to my staff folder in a bit. It’s a big file, though, so it’ll take a while to upload. Also, get it through FTP, don’t download it directly. Bandwith and everything.

So yeah, people, start getting it. Railing season is open.

I might do some map hunting for now. Although I’ll have to check if my other comp has my maps. If so, I’ll figure out a way tp upload them.

Awesome. I’ll be there.

I might just see if I can’t get the SOB to install properly this time, now that I have a computer that’s worth something and sixty more gigs to fill…

There, staff, it’s uploaded to my staff folder. Dig in.

I host it too.
Ask me where.

psh, I’m making my own since there are some small changes!