G4 h8s gamers.

… Wtf.

Zero, why? WHY? YOU COULD MURDER SOMEONE! Celebrity cosplay is [STRIKE]hot[/STRIKE] dangerous.

Grabs a knife, and begins stalking Anna.

For the record, Anna Nicole Smith is rather nice as Farah. She still need to get the fuck away from Ivy.

ive lost my will to live.

mog would you do me a favor and blow my brains out with a revolver.

:moogle: cait you know i cant do that. you still ow me money.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> DEATH TO THINE EYES! DEATH TO THINE EYES! cuts his eyes out

You know.

I wish the guy that’s gonna interpret Raphael stabs her with his rapier. And that the ambulance doesn’t arrive in time. And that after that, everyone celebrates with candy.

Oh fuck wad, the better not screw up Raphael as well, hes my fave character in SC2…

Whatever, screw it, we all know G4 is for the Non-gamer gamers. Oh well, fuckem


Good thing, it’s impossible for me to get G4 then…

Big Nutter
It’s the Net and www.Cannings.co.uk all the way. (www.cannings.co.uk is my local game store)

My god,words can’t describe the horror of this,Why Ivy,why?

“Super Mario Brothers Super Show” starring Cap’n Lou Albano.

That show was so awesome

we should sue for making our eyes implode