I graduate today. Going to get meh papers, say bye to the assholes and non-assholes, get whatever presents come my way (not expecting any) and eat Chinese. See ya’ll when I get back

Well good for you! Whoever you are

I can’t wait till I will finally be able to kiss my school goodbye!! However long that may actually take!

Ahhhh. G-Day was uber sweet. None of my kinfolk cried, thankfully. Got to say “bai” to everyone I needed to say “bai” too, saw some old friends/teachers who came to watch, got around 350$ (!!!) in graduation presents, and more to come (!!!), and my “woman” was there, too! (Not the science teacher) The Chinese place was closed, so we went to Chilis instead and porked out on a Mushroom Swiss Burger. Then I went home and played SSBM until I got sleepy.

'twas a good day, indeed. :cool:

That’s cool Kagato- glad you had a great graduation day. =D

i hope my graduation is that good…

For all you underclassmen out there, let me tell ya’ll this.

G-Day may just seem like “Yay 13 years and all we get is this stuffy halloween costume and some paper” but then come the Graduation Presents! Honestly I wasn’t expecting any, but I accumulated around $345 and counting and some 1337 stuff as well. So don’t even start to think about not showing up to a “ceremony” like I did.

Even if you don’t want presents, still go. I honsetly didn’t want to go to a graduation “ceremony” even if it was my own with my friends n’shit. Even if you don’t want to think back to any past memories, it’s the present that counts. So go.

…wow…Philosiphical shit…

Now the question on everyones mind…

Did you go Pantsless!? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have graduated this year if I hadn’t gone to Canada… so I still have a year left… yay. Oh well, more time to decide what to do afterwards!

Grrr…this reminds me that I’ll be missing my little sisters graduation since I’m all the way over here on the other side of the country stuck in a school I already know everything for and don’t even have learn anythign from since I was told to forget it. Grrr… I was actually looking forward to it too. Graduation day when I ha dit was fun as hell. I was tired as fuck the next day (I slept for about 24 hours straight), but I ahd a blast. Congratulations.