Futurama Movie?

Read it an’ orgasm.

Ah, Futurama… thou hath lost thy charm.


woohoo! :smiley:


Screams in joy ZOMG! Awsomeness!

Meh, I’m a wee bit sick of Futurama. Too many reruns, so unless this movie kicks ass I won’t care.

Cool, I watch Futurama nearly every night.

Cool, but I’d like to know about the actual plot.

that would be so incredibly freakin’ awesome.

Like The Simpsons movie, it sounds good on paper. But the chances for it to go horribly wrong are very large.

They only other show to Gain a Mention of in the Star Trek Mag of apporval…

Partly Capt. “All-Bran Bran flakes” Kirk was the guest starring.

In my experience, it’s generally about 50-50 before it’s released. Of course, I’ve seen two episodes of Futurama, and as long as we don’t have cable – and if we did it’d be for internets – it’s likely to stay that way, so I’m not one to talk. :smiley: