Furries are invading my town

They’ll be shopping in my stores…
They’ll be eating in my restaurants…
They’ll potentially be fornicating just down the street from me :bowser:

I feel so sorry for the employees who have to work at the hotel during this.


November 18-20…I think I’ll take a vacation out of here.

Hey, you can turn disgrace into fun. There are so many furries that they are by no means an endangered species, so you can pick a rifle and do some hunting.

When zeppelin feels threatened by an extremely crappy subculture…he becomes…THE NUTCRACKER! Cracker of undeserved nuts everywhere.

Maybe that means Spaz will be visiting, Zepp.

In all seriousness though, do you know how to hunt? That might be the perfect time.

<span style=“font-size: 1px; line-height: normal;”>and booken.</span>

Well if you see anyone who has a long ponytail, dorky glasses, a fox tail, and a backpack with buttons that say “Proud to be a furry”, then please beat the fuck out of him. That is my annoying rival from Ivy Tech who is a total asshole, but likes to have a fake fox tail sticking out of his pants at class.

During my stay in Boston, while I was hanging out in Cambridge, I went for a walk one night and got kind of lost. Anyway, I took a cut through the Harvard Common, got even more lost, but I did run into a kind of Big Bird looking person. Feeling bored and quite intrigued, I followed someone who obviously didn’t know the way to Sesame Street either, and lo and behold I found a furry club, located maybe a few blocks from the Harvard dorms. I saw all sorts of shit walking in and outta there man, it was creepy.

There was a group of furries sitting behind me when I went to see Howl’s Moving Castle. Every couple of seconds we’d here “Awwwww!!!~” and whenever Howl turned into his other form, they’d get really excited. We were scared.

Creepy. But not surprising. People do odd things for no reason.

Furries remind me of that one Monty Python sketch that’s a news expose on “mice” … i.e. people that dress up and act like mice at private house parties, and eat cheese, run up and down clocks, etc. And of course people in the street they interview are totally disgusted, etc.

At least they’re not sado-masochistic goth loli furries.

So much hate.

They had one of those conventions here not too long ago. There was an article in the newspaper about it. …That’s about all there is to say, really. :\

I’ve become used to a lot of odd things. Furries, however, are something for which that will never happen. I just can’t get over that.
I’ll make sure not to schedule my shopping trip during that time.

Ugh. I initially thought of furries as just being more animalistic catpeople, and didn’t see how it was much worse. But, my description has since expanded to count the crazy subculture attached to it. Now, I’ve never met one before, but from the sounds of it, I’m lucky for that.

I like how furries complain about non-furry things which do not allow furries, when the corresponding furry equivalent does not allow non-furries. The only reason I don’t file it away in the “just plain weird” category is that it’d give it some kind of appeal.


I hate you all, you know that, right? And no, I’m not in the habit of going to furry conventions. So no hunting for you.

Why the fuck do people act like I’m a furry?

Because of your kitty shtick.

Wait, you mean you’re not one? ::dekar!::

Hmm… fair point.

I still maintain I’m not a furry though. Let me tell you all what: If I ever buy a fur suit, “yiffable” plushie, or animal shaped sex toys, you can shoot me, and more importantly, I will allow you to do so.