Furniture to die for

<a href=“”>This is morbid, plain disgusting, bad taste and just wrong.</a>

…I want it! (It DOES look kinda comfy, too.)

Thats stupid, no way am I paying for that when I can get a barely used new coffine for free.

Heh, picture your friend walking into your room well you’re in it. Better yet, while your in it with a black nightgown…:slight_smile:

It’s cool, but not worth 2100 US dollars.

Yeah, it’s cool and all, but after seeing that price tag you’ll actually NEED a casket :stuck_out_tongue:


No thanks I’m a Costco man through and through.

looks compfy

The only thing morbid, plain disguesting, bad taste and just wrong about that is the price tag. >>


Yeah, I’d buy it if I shit gold, but since I don’t, I won’t.

Yeah. What did -you- think I was talking about?

Sweet~! :smiley:

I vant … uh, I mean, I want one of these!


A friend of mine has one but it’s not that goodlooking as this one… and out of my own experiences I can say they are very, and I mean very comfy… So comfy you don’t ever want to come out of it again

the goths will eat it up like gothcakes