And quite annoying

No worry, there no danger.
If you don’t wanna go trought it all, click as fast as you can. That would take 45-60 seconds

Comment : This guy had way too much time.

I can’t remember who did it before bu someone has already done this to me, booken:P. You’re a little too late I’m afaird.

/me steals that link and thinks about how to unleash it on his poor, unsuspecting friends…

I just held enter.

just hold Enter
EDIT: steve beat me to it…

Long live Sir ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del End Task’.

Heh. This was funny the first time, but this joke has been done so many times it’s been run into the ground.

I don’t mean to be vigilante, but depending on the speed of one’s computer, this might pose a small risk…not much, but still…

Then again, anyone stupid enough to click on a link from Booken without knowing what it is, well, deserves it.

And as Rast says…It’s-a really old.

Hello and welcome to some four years ago!!!

Ren: You found out about that 4 years ago? wow, I would say its at least six years old :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I so attached to RPGC and the affiliated sites…
That I missed out everything? o_O;

Originally posted by Nulani
Long live Sir ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del End Task’.

Yep. That and foreknowledge of the site :stuck_out_tongue:

Seen it. Done it. Hated the game.
And it was several months ago.

I saw it once before. It’s not annoying at all, I don’t think. Heh.

As we say on another forum I go to:

“Ancient History called. They want their joke back.”

I saw that page before…in spanish…it was exactly the same…but in spanish…and with Argentinian modisms…

First time seeing a site with that concept for so long.

Mildly funny but just holding the enter key does ruin it all.