Funny Typos

I just made one, and thought that this could be a cool thread.
Mine was:
AllendesChild: I’m a whore.

I meant to say ‘Fast eater.’

You know, I had a similar experience with my wife this morning. We were sitting at the breakfast table, and I meant to say, “Darling, could you please pass the butter” … but what came out was, “You bitch, you’re ruining my fucking life!”

Char, what ever happened to us? We used to be buds!

Way to steal quotes from, Charle. :stuck_out_tongue:

How can you miss so badly? That’s Big Nutter-worthy!

The first record of its use I can find was actually on a Screamin’ Jay Hawkins record, way back in 1956 or 1958, although it could have been used much before that.

EDIT: It wasn’t so much missing the keys as missing one key, and being conditioned to type the word ‘whore,’ from practice.

According to a typo in one of my stories, I’m a Whore and my Friend is an Epron.

What’s an Epron?

Mispelling of apron.

This happened to Truman. When they asked him if they wanted to if he wanted to drop the bomb on Japan, he ment no, but said yes. And thats why we have animated pornography.

Also why I have the jack, and why crocodiles never cry.

I am a puff pastry from Berlin.

Sometimes, my mind plays tricks on me, and I forget things.

You should see the posts I made on New Years. I was so drunk I couldn’t even type correctly.

My friend and I, on MSN, were talking about what SNES games we had, just to really show off; and then I said I had some Final Fantasy ROMs for SNES, even though it wasn’t related, and he said something along the lines of ‘I have sex for super nintendo’, when he meant he had Final Fantasy SIX for SNES. It’s funny, 'cause the ‘e’ key is 4 keys to the left of the ‘i’ key.

I dunno, it’s pretty easy to cross the i and e keys when typing quickly and not paying attention. At least for me it is.

One of my friends once said, ‘The best thing in the history of humanity is drunk people getting near keyboards.’

“Gimme a sex” instead of “Gimme a sec”

Okay, here’s one that I didn’t make, but is still funny.

[1]: Why does my computer hate me, Lao?
[2]: Because you won’t have sex with me.
[2]: It* It! It! IT!
[2]: What a typo ~_~’

Thanks, I think! I usally try to spell it to how I think is sounds. I’ve Regually missed keys, usaly hitting it’s naybour. Ja, S sloppy typer am I.

Big Nutter
There’s even more typo’s when he’s in a hurry!!

Dude, how does that fit into this topic? You can’t make a typo in RL. =/ Well, not to my knowledge.