Funny thought

In Wild Arms 1, Jack has a blue rat named Hanpan that is used to do all sorts of stuff for you. What I just noticed writing a paper on hantavirus for my virology class was that hanta is similar to hanpan. Hantaviruses are spread by rodents and cause some nasty diseases if you’re unlucky enough to stumble on a virus. The first hantavirus that was discovered was called the Hantaan virus, after the river in Korea where people had gotten sick in the Korean War.

The damn things are dripping with plague juice.

Litter-ally. If you ever work with mice or have em as pets you know they’re shitting machines. Hantaviruses are spread through aerosolized, dried rodent feces, urine and saliva.


That is interesting.

Rats and mice aren’t real pets. They’re something you FEED to real pets.

You can also give mice and rats to real pets as play things that they squish. Poor mice…

I think that’s what those old people mean when they say that Mickey Mouse is dangerous to our youth.

Hanpan sez: “I’m NOT a pet!”