Funny Pics

<img src=“” width=313 height=212>

<img src=“” width=313 height=212>

<img src=“” width=250 height=165>

All very stupid, yet suprisingly funny.

Actually, I didn’t find them funny at all.

No. Not funny at all. Sorry.

Haw haw haw! That’s a great one!


… Aww, you’re always so mean to me! ;_;

Uhh…how exactly were those funny?

And what are the first and second one supposed to be? Third’s SSB:M, that’s obvious, but…

First is Goldeneye, second is Perfect Dark, both N64 games.

And did I miss something? I didn’t find those funny at all…

Ok, how about this?

<img src=“” width=300 height=200>

Somewhat funny?

:enguard: : No.

:mwahaha: : Uwe hee hee!

See? Kefka likes it.

:mwahaha: : What? Hell no, I just like going ‘Uwe hee hee’ a lot.


Nnno. Check my sig for teh funnays

Sorry, Xelo’s sig is definitely funnier.

Dante. Quit. Trying.

NEVER! I mean, you DID think the thing where Mario touched his nose to his ass was funny. IM CAPABLE!

<img src=“” width=250 height=165>
Dr. Mario gets waster off his own stash…


:enguard: : You SUCK man.

Nope, sorry, still not even chuckling.

Arg not fill in the caption! Nooooo!

Dante, they really aren’t funny, you’re making yourself look like a jackass.

Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
Dante. Quit. Trying.

Dante, quit while you’re behind. I’m starting to lose respect for you.

That was so not funny, that actually ruined funny for me, forever.

Actually, post more, cuz then people will think my comics are far more hillareous then they actually are.

Jesus christ and dead puppies, man. Those things aren’t funny. They’re PAINFUL.

<i>Originally posted by Cloth Hat</i>
<b>Arg not fill in the caption! Nooooo!</b>

That is precisely the reason this thread is off limits.
Board members.

…that’s right… I went there!

Steve: You die for that quote.
Charl: You die for your incredi-long sig.
Val: You live.
Dante: You die for not bing funny enough.

/me rips out Steve’s intestines and feeds them to him.

EDIT: Wow, that coupled with my avatar is fucking scary.