Funny mac vs pc

I enjoyed this very much.

Hey Hellhawk Me atticus from Dragon Den >>
anyway That was VARY funny lol I did have alot crashs useing Macs >>:toast:

Hey, good to see you here, I can see you’re fairly new so welcome and enjoy! I’m not here very often, but I do check in occasionally.

This is hilarious even if entirely untrue.

If this is the best the PC can come up with in self defence then it’s no wonder that they’re number 2.

Btw, I lol’d watching the guy drop kick the monitor.


Of course the first part sounded like my Windows pre-XP experiences.

The flamefest in the comments are funnier.

PCs are good for gaming, Macs are good for snobs.

There needs to be a way to turn viewing comments off if you’re registered.

Those people in the comments give me a headache. Funny clip though. Listen to the all mighty maddox.

I managed to completely demolish a Mac within 5 minutes of using one for the first time - they’re not really that foolproof or easy to use :frowning:

i loved that video when i saw it two years ago when it was new :confused: