Funny Flash Movie: Kerri's Big Invention!


Oh and BTW, everytime you watch it, a different scene of FFX will be on the TV each time (well, for 3 times.)

heh, not bad

Teh funneh. :hahaha;

I love LegendaryFrog. anyone that hasn’t should see his FF tribute movie.

Heh. The loading screen alone is good.

LOL, that was cute…I noticed Homestar Runner and Strongbad on the chalkboard. :get it?:



you should check all the other stuff that Legendary Frog has submitted too…
I especially like All Your Pie, The Return of Ganondorf, One Ring To Rule Them All 2 and… … … All the other of his flash movies too :stuck_out_tongue:

Legendary Frog’s movies rock.

His other Ark and Kerrigan movies are great, and those parodies are awesome as well.

the return of ganon is really great… oh man… I’m having a laugh attack when i start to think bout it

Dude. Freezepop.

<3 <3 <3

Good movie, too.^^

<3’s Legendary Frog

:hahaha; I really liked it

Nice, like most things that has Legendary Frog’s name on it.