Funniest. Van ride. Ever.

So me and my mom get ready to take MGS:Substance back to the store across town. She sees the new puppy we have (so cute…) and decides to bring her with us. All the way there I am drooled on by her, still cute.
Along the way back, the dog starts running around the van erratically. I grab her and hold her in my lap so she doesn’t distract my mom. The dog starts jerking around uncontrollably, and I <b>force</b> the dog’s head out the window. My mom starts pulling away from the stoplight aaaaand… HORG. The dog SPEWS out the window full force, completely missing the van and myself, although the car behind us may not have been so lucky…
I tell my mom and she BUSTS out laughing. I just laugh my ass off the rest of the way home.


Barely on topic, MGS2:S rocks the hizzouse. Snake Tales are hard though.

And dogs are messy. Why anyone would take them in vehicles…

MGS:S is okay… the skateboarding is a cool addition

I don’t think the skateboarding’s in the PC version unless it’s an unlockable VR thing (so far all I’ve unlocked is Raiden-Blade, and Photo Mode for Raiden)

Nope, it’s not in the PC version, just the console ones. Anyway, back to topic

The dog COMPLETELY missed the van, NOTHING on it :stuck_out_tongue:

You think if a person who got hit, saw the license plate of your car they would do anything?

What would they do? Sue you?

And man, that’s funny! XD

that is so funny! why’d he throw up?

Was it a cocker spaniel by any chance?

the dog threw up because it had just drank a LOT of water and then had a lot of exercise too
plus motion sickness maybe…

CH: Boarder Collie

LMAO! That’s great, Steve. 8D

I like boarder collies, they’re cute.


Poor doggy… Still funny from our perspective tho :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
[b]What would they do? Sue you?

And man, that’s funny! XD [/b]

I’m pretty sure that they could do that and might even win

Yeah, the dog must get car sick or something, I’m assuming it wasn’t moving too much on the way there, so it didn’t get sick.

I don’t think it’s that funny, I mean, a dog threw up, wow.
Why did you bring the dog in the first place?

:slight_smile: :o

that would be hilarious to see…

unless it was YOUR car that got spewed on.:slight_smile:

That certainly would’ve been interesting to see.