Fun with test dummies

Knowing there’s so many internet savvy people here with lots
of time on their hands, I dunno if this has been posted before,
but I thought it was worth a shot. Just go to the link, download
the ZIP files, unpack into a folder, and have fun. :mwahaha:

Heee… Been posted, sowwy. Still fun though.

Was funny, is funny.

They should make it possible to skin them. I would skin them with people I don’t like, and use the program to find the best way to push them down the stairs.

Yeah, I remember this game, it was damn fun, but I lost the game and forgot the site. Thanks for the linkage.

How mysteriously addicting…

This thing never works on my comp.

:too bad;

I love playing with this thing. I gave up trying to get a high
score when my bastard brother got 126K 5 times -_- damnit.
So far my favorite thing is to see how high I can punt the guy
with the ass end of the truck. My best is an estimated 40 feet
or so past the wall XD Here’s a tip… try sticking the ramp through
the dummy’s feet when he’s in position 6. If his toes stick out of
it, the ramp is one notch too far. If you get it right, something
really funny happens:mwahaha: