Fun Personality Game

Anyway, some may think this belongs in the Poll forum, but heck, nobody will see it there and the main forum has been slow enough.


  1. Pick a color. Think of three adjectives to describe it.
  2. Pick an animal. Three adjectives.
  3. Think of a body of water(it can be a specific geographical location, or just a type of body of water). Once again, three adjectives.
  4. Pretend you are in a white, empty room with no windows and no door. Pick three adjectives to describe how you feel.

Of course, each thing stands for something about yourself or your life. I’ll give you the answers once I think everyone who wants to reply has done so.

Blue: Cool, Calming, Fun
Cougar: Strong, Fast, Patient
Stream: Awe-inspiring, Calming, Sustaining
In the Room: Calm, Aware, Contemplative

Edit: Fixed

Red: warm, smooth, fresh
Lion: strong, proud, confident
Ocean: expansive, beautiful, violent
Room: Bored, contemplative, aware

Black: Stately, hidden, voracious (the darkness swallows)
Fox: Cunning, quick, tenacious
Lake: Deep, placid, quenching
Room: Lonely, pensive, suffocating

Blue -> calm, <strike>cerulean</strike> deep, bright
Giraffe -> patchy, tall, <strike>hervibore</strike> alert
Lake Superior -> large, lively, wet
Room -> bored, curious, puzzled

  1. Orange: Passionate, warm, safe.
  2. Eagle: Proud, fierce, predatory.
  3. River: Wild, shifting, defined.
  4. Room: Curious, scared, angry.

Okay, I read some of yours. Try to make the adjectives more emotional or cerebral instead of just physical descriptions, since they are describing the aspects of yourself and people in your life.

  1. Indigo. Mysterious, elegant, serene.

  2. Kestrel. Intelligent, bold, adorable.

  3. Baltic Sea. Icy, imposing, dark.

  4. Curious, intimidated, creative.

Edit: El-oh-fuckin-el. >_>

  1. Green. Envious. Expensive. Natural.
  2. Cat. Smart. Wild. Independent.
  3. Atlantic Ocean. Large. Deep. Travelled.
  4. Scared. Lonely. Anxious.

Green: Natural, hopeless, passionate.
Crocodile: Contemplative, cunning, ancient.
North Pacific: Dark, ragged, chaotic.
Room: Regretful, pensive, internalized.

Um, you guys who picked words like ‘herbivore’ or a color to describe things might wanna do it again, but pick words that describe emotions or personality traits :stuck_out_tongue:
Or reedit your originals.

(Sorry, I should have told you that in the beginning)

But if you don’t want to, that’s cool too.

Gray: Bitter, Cold, Honest
Pitbull: Loyal, savage, temperamental
Lake Erie: Polluted, toxic, treacherous
room: Listless, blank, weary

  1. Green- sunny, happy, vibrant.
  2. Chinchilla- hyper, temperamental, cute.
  3. Lake Waban- cold, beautiful, relaxing.
  4. lonely, stifling, listless.

Violet: Dark, powerful, mysterious
Snapping Turtle: Ancient, dangerous, bizarre
Puddle: Muddy, small, annoying
Room: Boring, quiet, sterile

Okay, I guess its played itself out.

The Color is how you see yourself.

The Animal is how you see your significant other, your crush, or the opposite sex in general.

The Body of Water is how you see your sex life or sex in general.

The Empty Room is how you view death.

Lame, I know :stuck_out_tongue: but hopefully some of you got some insights.

I really wish this were the first thread where Gila and I had ended up on the subject of sex with a geriatric woman.

Haha, yeah. You both picked ancient and vicious reptiles. Hm…

And what’s up with your dark and chaotic sex life, Arac? :stuck_out_tongue:

(You see why this game can be fun into getting people to make incriminating statements :P)

I’ll tell you what: a cunning, quick, and tenacious so would be awesome. But I can’t say I’m hidden.

I mean, I listen primarily to metal, punk, and goth. The kinds of girls I’d like to sleep with had damn well better be able to make it dark, ragged, and chaotic.
Actually, that one’s pretty spot on. My sex life is basically a series of rough sex no-more-than-a-week stands while both parties carry torches for other people.

Oddly enough, my sex life thing is fairly descriptive as well. I generally only have sex with people that I love.