Fun Fact Thread

The important facts are the locations of these camcorders at this present time.

You’re aware that they probably only had a mild x-ray effect, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

And BM1, I’m very sorry. :3

Way to ruin the fun. ;_;

FUCK! if its on the internet, it must be true!

Fun fact: Hiryuu’s a big fat mean poopie head. >:(

Fun Facts!
Starfish have no brains!
A peanut is not a nut it is a legume (sp?)
I planted the bloody glove in OJ’s yard!

There are over 30,000 Chinese characters. Just over 16,000 are in regular use today. A person only needs to know 1200 to be able to read a Chinese newspaper.

Fun fact : Dada is the most constructive inherently nihilist artistic movement.

Sometimes, I go pee.

Schizophrenia is not multiple personalities

That’s not a fun fact, it’s a common misconception.

Wrong thread I guess.

  • 23% of all photocopier repairs are needed due to people photocopying their butts.

37% of all statistics are made up on the spot. :slight_smile: Okay, seriously, why are they called fun facts? I mean, is it supposed to because we’re having fun learning 'em, or something?

I think it’s just a figure of speech, but it could have some other meaning…Pictures what ‘Fun’ could mean…I think I like it better as a figure of speech.

I’ve heard that one before, but then it said 80% :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun fact: The most common mutation for humans is red hair.

What, that I go pee sometimes?

No, it’s a common misconception that you’re not a huge loser.

(I cant read if that was sarcasm or not, so I’ll go with not and say; No the common misconception is that scizophrenia means multiple personalities, when really it’s more along the lines of voices in your head.)

The “Top” and “Bottom” quarks were originally called “Truth” and “Beauty”.

it’s not exactly that either… but whatever. It’s a mixture of a lot of things.