Fun computer bugs

My 2 fav are the soviet and the AT&T reset ones.

I thought the biggest non-nuke explosion ever was the one in Nova Scotia during the world wars.

Anyway, my favorite ones are those ones too.

As for astronomical bugs, besides what’s in the site, I think people will remember that probe sent to Mars which had some devices working with imperial measures while other devices in it operated with metrical measures. It ended up flying so fast towards Marts that at sometime it was said that the probe actually entered Mars’s atmosphere by one side and exited by another point without touching the ground, out of pure inertia. I think it had to accelerate to X kilometers/second at some point and ended up going to X miles/second instead.

Acceleration is measured in distance per second per second.

You can accelerate <b>to</b> a certain speed.

Thanks, Cless.