Full Metal Alchemist 2...

the game for PS2 has been announced.


I haven’t even played the first one ;_;

That’s because the first, awesome-looking game was never released outside of Japan. Maybe that’ll change now that FMA is liscenced.

I haven’t even played the first one ;_;

Hey! And I didn’t even know THAT there is a first one.

Have only heard of the anime

Watch it and watch it NOW.

NOW? I’m going to sleep NOW, cause where i live it’s already dark night

Yeah, the anime is great.
I remember reading somewhere that theres a FMA game coming out on GBA? Or I may just have remembered wrong.

Yes there is a GBA game of FMA

Do you have it? If you do how is it?

It hasn’t come yet,it was already realesed in japan. (I hope it does come over here)

I have it, and I was playing it before the language-barrier stopped me from continuing. It’s also an awesome game. :smiley: