At first people don’t understand, then they do. (For some reason you’ll understand if you speak español!

Where! :eek:


Am on fuego right now. UHHH…hot!

It doesn’t matter if you speak spanish or not.
The joke is that if you say a catchy word for no reason other than to say it, it’ll catch on and spread.


:ulty: Fudds … schtick?


I am reminded of the ‘Faeten Likes Fire’ sequence from OL. I assume that was the object of this thread? :smiley:



From the moment I read that comic, I knew I would find this thread here. And that’s not a good thing.



Best. Comic. Ever.

My high school has Spirit Week every year as the week before Homecoming (I’m betting most schools do this). Anyway, part of Spirit Week was having a class shirt. Well, my sophmore year, we chose orange as our class color. Now, on the shirt we had the words “En Fuego!” The best part was that there was also an elephant on fire. However, the elephant looked more like it was farting fire rather than on fire. And that is why I laugh whenever I see the word “Fuego”