Fucked up rumor of the week

I know it’s easier for this being a urban legend than real, but in my school people have been commenting about the raelian cult the last few days.

The rumor is that they supposedly did get to clone a human being, but it was born with some malformation that lead to its death within some hours. And that they supposedly announced the birth of the child a few hours before the actual birth, just to be shocked with a malformed baby and then disappear of the media later on.

True or not, it makes me wonder…

Cloning is a very “easy” process which currently requires a lot of luck. I wouldn’t doubt of the possibility of them doing it or how it probably turned out, but I doubt it happened because no facts or documentation were ever presented. It is nothing more than a rumor without those.

Cloning is silly. And pointless.
Clones aren’t identical: They just share the draft and sketch.

Not to mention that some people often think about doing it for the wrong reasons.

It’s all publicity. No real work.

And all publicity is good publicity to them.

Just make a baby the normal way and hope that it looks exactly like the daddy or mommy, whichever gender it is.

And hope it is born healthy.