Fucked up Dream Thread

[Cherry_Blossom] I dreamt that the Moon’s orbit was gonna be really close to earth, so the moon was like right next to the planet
[Cherry_Blossom] And school was cancelled because gravity was fucked up
[Cherry_Blossom] And then
[Cherry_Blossom] There were blurries in the sky, so I thought the moon was invisible or something
[Cherry_Blossom] then
[Cherry_Blossom] Guardians decloaked and started attacking me
[Cherry_Blossom] And Devourers too.
[Cherry_Blossom] It was fucked up :stuck_out_tongue:
[Cherry_Blossom] Oh
[Cherry_Blossom] And when the moon was flying overhead
[Cherry_Blossom] you could see that it had it’s own moons and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I just woke up from this >>;

Anyways, comment, interpret, post your own dreams, whatever. I only made this thread because my dream kicked ass.

I had a dream where I dreamed Hades was fucked up in the head. Apparently dreams do come true! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I’ve had some pretty screwy dreams. Nothing as cool as that though.:too bad; I used to have a pretty weird one where I was standing at the window of my bedroom and looking up into the sky, and suddenly this weird ghost-monster-type thingy would appear in mid-air and start floating around doing nothing, and then it’s explode for no reason whatsoever. That was pretty weird.

I dreamt I tore all the skin off of my face and there was somebody else underneath.

Originally posted by Charlemagne
I dreamt I tore all the skin off of my face and there was somebody else underneath.

I’ve actually seen a picture of guy that had a similar idea, it wasn’t pretty. He was high on LSD or something and decided it’d be cool to cut his face of with some glass and feed it to his dog. It was pretty fucked up. I saw it when I was back in MCT.

I really don’t feel like telling about it at the moment, but let me say that I have had some reeeaaally fucked-up deams in my time.

Maybe later I’ll tell you all about the one that I have dubbed the “Bagel-Slicer” dream.

For those of you who’ve missed my Agent Smith dream … here it is again. I was running from the Smiths, starting with that view down the stairwell from Revolutions, and then one of them caught me, and we had some witty repartee, especially once the transformation was complete, and then we continued chasing people through this abandoned church.

The night after the State of the Union Address, I had a dream wherein I was watching the news and the big news story was that George W. Bush had committed suicide.

That was pretty weird.

i’ve had TOO many fucked up dreams like this one time i dremt that there were tonnes of spiders crawling over me and they were the ones with the massive legs and tiny bodies. they were climing up really slowly over my body in my bed and this massive one jumped on me then i woke up in a cold sweat!
i also had this weird one the other day that i said to jordan (that star with the big boobies) that her hair looked kewl? WHAT!

I can hardly remember most of my dreams, but the ones I can remember are so fucked up I’d rather not mention them, since I don’t even know how to start describing them.

I once had a dream where it started out as a cruisin the world type game, but then all of a sudden the car was on a skateboard doing tricks!

I dreamt that my boyfriend and I could not go near each other without these painful bloody gashes appearing on our faces. But we had sex anyways. The end.

God bless paper bags, eh?

Now you’re just trying to make me giggle.

Scary Fucked-up dream: I was alone in my house at like 3am or
something and there were… GIANT spiders chasing me. I’m
talkin like… 2 and 3 feet across. They could shoot spines too.
Some 30 or 40 of those were all over the walls, ceiling, floors…
argh… I hated that dream and it happened more than once.

Wacky Fucked-up dream: My brother and I were outside of a
house our family rented on Lake Mercer in Oregon. Much to our
dismay, there were giant penguins smashing the house and then
coming for us --;; So we ran to a car and tried to get it to go,
but it wasn’t wound up yet *
* You know those little toy cars
with the wind-up thing on the top? Well it was just a much
bigger version of that. We dodged the penguins only to drive
off of a cliff. The instant I hit the ground in the dream, I really
DID hit the ground cause I’d fallen off the top bunk. A meager
5 feet >_>

Hilarious Fucked-up dream: This wasn’t mine, but it’s still funny.
My brother was having a dream that a dragon was attacking him.
It roared so he involuntarily pulled the covers over his head, but
the roar wasn’t a dragon… he ripped a huuuuuuge fart so when
he covered his head with the blanket he kinda sealed his doom.
Bwahahaha… I’m just glad I wasn’t awake to smell it :mwahaha:

Heh, yeah, I think everyone has had really weird dreams at least ONCE in their life. Me? Well, I’ve had a lot of weird dreams! I’ve forgotten what most of them have been about.

There was this one dream where at the end, some midget with a butcher was about to stab me in the back… eheh…

Anyway, has anyone ever had a dream that came true? You know, like you’re walking around someday and something happens that seems like it’s happened before but you know it hasn’t. I’ve had a lot of those.

Originally posted by Evangelion
I dreamt that my boyfriend and I could not go near each other without these painful bloody gashes appearing on our faces. But we had sex anyways. The end.
I love it when you talk dirty. The lakeshore, tonight! >>;

Bring the cat o nine tails and I’ll bring the leather again

Well, last night I had nightmares about my car. The first was that the wheels were totally fucked, and I was driving very fast down the interstate, and tons of sparks were flying from my car because of the wheels rubbing the car as they turned.

I woke up from that one, and when I went back to sleep I dreamed I was in K-Mart. I was walking around, and then I realized I didn’t have my keys. I searched everywhere for them, and then I got some guy in customer service to help me look, and then my mom appeared and helped me look, and then I looked outside the front of the store and saw my car was gone.

The last weird one I had involved me killing pokemon by the thousands using a pickaxe.

Honestly. :mwahaha:

You need to stop eating all the freaky things you eat before you go to bed Hades.
And don’t worry, the moon is doing the opposite of what it did in your dream: It’s leaving. Packing bags and leaving us alone to tip around and have plenty of fun upside down.

I’ve had plenty of weird and freaky dreams. The freakiest being the ones where I’m concious and interacting with the dream. At least I hope they were dreams.