I just got offered a very easy teaching gig, six hours a day, almost 2k a month.

Which I can’t take it because that’d mean I’d be unable to attend any of my tightass-scheduled unmovable classes.


That was it.

Sorry about that. That’s the curveball of life in action.

If anything, I know how you feel. There was an opening for an internship for a state represenative, but my classes last all day - so I had to pass it this time around.

Is there a chance that you can take the job next semester instead?

I feel ya. College schedules are pretty shitty when you get stuck with classes you’re forced to take. A lot of my classes are like that (usually late in the afternoon, 3 hrs long, boring as hell). Of course, making matters worse, a few of those classes are only offered once a year or in shitty timeslots.

Granted, my work schedule works with my classes, but it leads to me practically going to school everyday regardless of whether I have class or not. Not too fun since I don’t really get off until the weekend (or school closes). But hey, shit could be a lot worse (somehow).

Anyways, maybe something better will come along for ya.

Why can’t you move your classes? What’s your program? Why not ditch the program?

Man, if I got offered that kind of job, I’d put my job on hiatus until it was necessary to continue.

Sometimes gettin your foot in the door is more important than anything else. I don’t know if this applies to you, though.

Sorry to hear it. What sort of salary are you looking at post-graduation?

Because my country’s education system is complete bullshit and there are no alternative timetables for most clases. University students here arrange their lives around their classes, not the onther way around. The fact that my commute is retarded doesn’t help.

It’ll greatly vary depending on when and what I’m focusing at the moment. I’m sure I’ll be flopping between translation and teaching jobs when the others become scarce. However, while this is very very good for a student, it’s transitory (I’ll be replacing someone for this semester only) and not quite up to par with a certificate-carrying job.

Regardless, the thing is this is really well-paying shit for a six hour shift of teaching grade schoolers how to count in English, it literally fell on my lap, and the more I think about it the more I want to hang myself with my testicles.

See above. Most of the classes are anual anyhow.

I feel your pain man. I remember I had to take a couple of classes at night for three hours that had absolutely no educational value to me. However, they didn’t cost me a job…ouch. Look at it this way, it wasn’t meant to be. You’ll find something even beter after you graduate.

Man that sucks. :confused: Especially in the current climate, though I’m not sure how much the crash is affecting Argentina I imagine it isn’t making things any easier.

How is 2000 a month considered sweet? Are we talking USD here?

Chinese dollars I believe

And why are you going to this assbackwards school anyway?

You seem to be under the misconception that there would be a choice in the matter. There aren’t that many universities here, even less with the career I want, this is pretty much one of the best in the country in regards to prestige and opportunities, and regardless of what a pain in the ass it is, the actual classes are very good.

Unless I’m willing to move to another country or put down massive wads of cash that I don’t have for one of the few private universities that, while more accomodating, have lower standards, this is it.

I am under that misconception, yes. I am used to the idea that one can choose where one goes to school and with flexibility in what classes one wishes to take when.

That really sucks, SE :confused: But, if you can’t take it, that’s just the way it is. There’ll be more opportunities as you go along, it’s not the end of the world that you lose one.

For most people in the world…university not a “right”…take a look into the Chinese university entrance exam procedure when you have some time. Only about 20-25% of students who take that test will even get the chance to attend university. It isn’t like the SATs where a low score just means going to state school. If you aren’t in the 80th percentile, your life is basically over.