Fuck you Nintendo! Love, Capcom

Yep, that’s what Capcom said to Nintendo. They said Screw you earlier when they released Vietiful Joe on the PS2 as well.

I was kinda irked at first, but Resident Evil did start on the Playstation after all, so I really don’t mind. But with this, I’m not entirely sure which version I want to get, and with the Gamecube version released pushed back to January, hopefully some news will come out on the PS2 one.

Since the PS2 version is coming out near the end of 2005, I’d expect some more features that the Gamecube version won’t have.

We’ll at least gamecube still has Tales of Symphonia, unless they release the japanese ps2 version of it over here…

Nintendo (aside from handhelds) has been pissing me off lately, I’m glad capcom is going back to sony

yay, that makes me very happy :smiley:

i like nintendo only for zelda…and ive heard good things about tales of symph…but still ps2 is better.

Capcom’s quality has dipped a LOT over the years. I liked Viewtiful Joe, but none of Capcom’s other recent games have really impressed me. Some (like the Misadventures of Tron Bonne) are fun, but nothing I couldn’t live without. And I’ve never liked the Resident Evil series. I think Capcom reached its peak in 1989 with the release of Sweet Home. And would it kill them to make a legit new game in the Ghouls 'n Ghosts series? None of this “Ghouls 'n Ghosts Online” or “Maximo” crap.

Then again, the best way to avoid petty “my system is better than yours” squabbling (that, unsurprisingly, is already ocurring in this thread) is to just buy both systems and have the best of both worlds.

One thing about releasing Resident Evil 4 on the PS2 is that, like most GCN => PS2 ports, there may be some added features and FMV, but the graphics will probably have to be downgraded slightly, loading time will increase, and slow-down may occur (although I doubt a game like Resident Evil would suffer from slow-down). These things have been true for Viewtiful Joe and Tales of Symphonia, so keep that in mind if you own both systems.

I don’t see what the Viewtiful Joe and Killer 7 thing has to do with this Resident Evil thing :stuck_out_tongue:

How nice. Care to buy me a PS2?


Bah. Only thing I’ll buy from Capcom now is CFE.

I think GC has better hardware than PS2, but overall games go to PS2. Still, when Nintendo makes games they are usually very high quality. Metroid Prime, Paper Mario, Smash Bros. etc.

Sega is still the best game maker.


Note to Nutter: Buy Sonic for GBA.

Thanks CE. But Why Samus is AYB ing at http://www.iloveflees.com/

Big Nutter
My Question Why did he Jump and Yell “Windows CE dot EX-E: Transmit” before Plugging the Hand held. … Megaman.EXE poopie!

I submit that multi-platform games are a Good Thing for people like me, who simply cannot afford another game system. (By which I mean, I can afford it, but my mom will probably bitch at me about spending that much money in one place.)

I Like it quite well untill they bring out a the Best Part/Tie in on something I’ve not got.

Big Nutter
Plus how the Heck Was my Bro with Spiderman was loosing to Trone Bonne and her Lego men?? (What the name of that Fight them up Cos I was to busy buying replacement PS2 Pads)

Well, that’s MvC2’s stance on balance: give everyone some kind of unfair advantage. Your bro apparently wasn’t able to exploit Spiderman’s unfair advantage the way … whoever was explointing Tron’s. (And her robots are called Servbots.)

MvC2 is balanced, I mean, you can use 4 characters! Cable, Magneto, Sentinel and Storm.

The rest is just garbage.

with the exception of their sports titles of course