Yeah, thats right, FUCK FILE PLANET. This site rips you off into signing up for the membership under the promise that you’ll get to begin playing the LIMITED (1 week ONLY) World of Warcraft Stress Test… Now, Normally I wouldnt complain, but they just took 15 dollars of my hard earned money about 5 hours ago and I’ve yet to recieve any emails indicating anything about a CD Key.

I filled out the WoW signup form, I read all of the FAQ and guess what:

Due to high demand, we are distributing keys in groups. You will get your key as soon as your group is released.

Now, to me this says:

"We (fileplanet) are going to make you pay to join our site and get access to the World of Warcraft stress test. However, we do not have the bandwidth to support giving you what you have purchased right away. Instead, were going to put you on a waiting list so that eventually, when our slow asses get our shit togather, we’ll send you what you have payed for. We appologize for ripping you off and giving you false impressions that you’d get to play this game for a full week.

Thanks for your money sucker,
File Planet"

Of course, I don’t understand how they can get away with making us wait 5+ hours when they promise on the sign up form “Sign up now and begin playing world of warcraft today!”

I fucking hate file planet.

Fileplanet’s slow as is without the membership. So slow, I never imagined it was that much better with the pay subscription

However, I would imagine it may be the stress test bandwidth they are referring to. Therefore, it would be more blizzard’s fault. But then, I haven’t been following WoW, and if they had a public test already, I’d imagine a closed test would be quite doable.

Heres the thing, FilePlanet is taking upon themselves to be responsible for hosting the download of the beta client. So this is thier way of bottle-necking all of the downloads that WOULD happen if they would hurry the hell up. Because they can’t handle that many people downloading the client from them. The stress test is MADE to see how much the servers can handle so on blizzards part there isnt any delay. I sent a formal complaint to fileplanet over the fact that I payed for this and am being forced into a waiting line that I was unable to know about untill after I joined.

Thief! Stealing my title! :hyperven: Just kidding…

Youre my idol, what can I say?

I think there is a law somewhere stating that companies are obligated to sell their products exactly as said products were advertised. Therefore, if they put an ad saying you will play that beta test today, and you only get to play days after signing in, you can sue them because they tricked you into a purchase other than the offered. Or something like that.

yea but there is a big difference between advertising and…other stuff that that applies to

If it took you this long to realize file planet sucked…

…then you’re some kind of stupid.