Being someone who cusses like a sailor both on and offline because it feels nice, I congratulate the good man, and to everyone else who complained about my vocabulary: VINDICATION, MOTHERFUCKERS!

Survival of the foulest potty mouths.

I grew up a little sheltered, but I learned from my best friend that yes, it’s better to get it out of you than bottle it inside where it might explode when you least expect. So, like they say in Spain, JODER!!!

(That Spanish for “fuck.” You wouldn’t believe how they throw it around on TV. Even in sitcoms!)

I don’t need a Nobel Prize winning research to tell me that I feel better sfter I tell a boss I tried to kill ten times to “FUCK OFF!” before blowing him to bits! Still cool that he got recognized for it.

Yeah, Ive noticed swearing does relieve the stress and tension in the body/mind and put me at ease (somewhat)… however I don’t think people should go overboard with it! But yeah, I’m still struggling to believe that science says it’s okay to let out foul profanities!

Does this mean I can call people niggers?

No :P. You missed the point.

But what if it helps me calm down so I don’t get into a fisticuffs? Isn’t that legit?

I’m fairly certain it would only increase your probability of engaging in fisticuffs. Again, you should probably actually read what the experiments were about.

I thought the guy who found out that wearing socks over your shoes increases traction on snow and ice was the best, actually.

To be precise, traction on snow isn’t much of a problem. Its traction on ice. I agree its a funny observation, I’ve never seen anyone in Canada go to such lengths to avoid slipping. What I wonder though is that while it may increase traction, for long does it work and under what conditions will it fail? For example, if the socks lose traction when they get sufficiently wet, it would be a major problem. Another important issue to investigate would be if it matters what shoe you’re wearing under the sock.

Traction on fluffy snow isn’t a problem, but once the snow has been pressed down it can be really slippery.

I’m not really sure what you’re talking about, but so far I’ve been commenting on exactly what the article was about. In fact, I’m so laser-focused on the conclusion that it’s comical how illiterate you’d have to be to suggest I’m not. Get mad, say bad words, feel better. It’s not complicated. Maybe it’s you who needs to take another gander at the words, or maybe you linked to the wrong page? :confused: Either way, no idea how you can gather anything but “swearing makes you feel better” from what’s been written, unless I was supposed to focus on some tiny, hidden text in the bottom corner of the page that I missed, so I’m just gonna go ahead and ask YOU to stay on topic.

Also, THIS guy’s comment:

“Those with filthy mouths were able to withstand the discomfort longer than those who held it in.”

…Yeah… or: those who withstood the discomfort longer swore a lot more, because their hands were fucking cold.

I don’t think there are a lot of people that equate racist epithets with the kinds of obscenities you yell when in pain. Do you really yell out “NIGGER!” when you’re cold? Really?

Yeah Hades, you have the right idea… however “nigger” just doesn’t fit into that context. It’s probably just general profanities that naturally come to mind (which don’t offend any person or group.) Also, now that I think about it, I don’t think “nigger” is a swear word… it’s just the slang version of black american… or “negro” for that matter, that has become badly perceived by society. In other words, has no direct bad intention… well that’s what I think.

Interesting study.

Since I got out of the Navy I’ve found the majority of my new peers are capable of understanding words that contain more than four letters, so I don’t swear much anymore :P.

The Ig Nobels are always awesome. I loved the engineering prize for this year: using a remote controlled helicopter to do bacterial cultures of whale snot. I think last year we saw a bra that doubled as dual gasmasks. I wish I made this up.

Oh, yeah, great idea, science, this worked out just fantastic for Faust when he was all like “puke up my limbs, clouds,” (that is how you swear when you are a guy named Faustus) and then got torn apart and puked up by clouds.