Fuck yeah! Done with all my initial training!

So yeah, I finally finished all my initial training (OCS, a class on leadership and technical skills, and field artillery officer basic course). I’m now at out of Fort Sill, OK (a God-awful place). I’m not at Fort Bliss, TX, which is so far pretty cool, but fuckin’ huge. It is funny, since my unit (1st Armored Division), recently moved from Germany to here, a lot of stuff isn’t setup yet, hell the buildings are still being built. So, yeah I’m excited to be done with my initial training and be backing in the operating side of the military. The training side sucks ass.

EDIT: Part of the reason I’m so happy is that I started all of this Dec 27, 2007, so it has been one very long year.

That’s really cool man, congrats on working your way up. :slight_smile:

Wow, so you’re gonna be an officer now?

Congrats Info! :smiley:

So have you decided on a CO power yet? Never too early to think about it!

Very nice! Congrats, Infonick!

Btw, is there really much to do around Ft. Bliss? I wouldn’t expect much, it being near El Paso (though you could go to Mexico), but I haven’t been out to West Texas.

Thanks, although, officially I’ve been an officer since April 17, 2008, but I’ve been in a student status the entire time surrounded by at least 100 other Lieutenants, so it didn’t really matter. Now I’ll be a part of a smaller group. There is actually a lot to do around Fort Bliss, El Paso is a pretty nice area. Of course, my perception could be off considering I was at Fort Sill, OK most of the year with the biggest thing in town (Lawton, OK) being a Wal-Mart (I shit you not, that was this biggest and best thing in town). It was about an hour or two the nearest cities with actual things to do. It’ll probably be about 2.5 more years until I make Captain and become a CO.

On the bad side of the news, in less than 24 hours of arriving at Fort Bliss I’ve been in a car accident. Luckily no one was hurt and my car isn’t too bad, but it still sucks. In case you are wondering, I wasn’t at fault, but it sucks none the less.

I wouldn’t recommend that right now. Last I heard there was a drug war in Juarez right now. So many people were killed in August and not all of them were drug traffickers.

Wait…So your at Fort Bliss right now? Way cool! My middle school was right next to that. Or was it next to Biggs…I forget now. Either way, sweet! I’m going to be back in that area come the 19th. ^^
Where have you been to in the area?

And congratulations on becoming an officer(back in April)!

Thank you. Yeah, I’m at Bliss now, well the Biggs part technically. I’ve only been here a couple of days, so I haven’t seen much. I’ve just been down the roads immediately next to the base. Hopefully I can get a place in the eastside.

Eastside? I liked that area, depending on how far East. My high school was in that area. Or it might have been in central…Hmm…I don’t remember.
I’m glad the car accident was not as bad as it could have been. I received a call from my parents while I was at school and was told that they had been in a car accident and the car was totaled.