Fuck Sony right in their raging assholes

<a href=“http://www.lik-sang.com/news.php?artc=3901”>They got Lik-Sang</a>.

Europe and the rest of the world mourns.

About half the internet appears to be denouncing Sony today after yet another pr bomb on top of rootkits, exploding batteries and the umd. I’m amazed anyone still buys from them.

What the hell? They closed down their whole business because of some faulty PSP units?

Let me get this straight, they got sued because they were selling Sony Asia products in Europe, thereby infringing on Sony Europe’s copyrights?

They weren’t faulty, they are basically calling asian and north american sony products worthless pieces of junk with that part of their claim.

Lik Sang was importing asian and US Sony products into Europe. Sony got all pissy, despite the fact that the list of people who ordered them reads like a roster of Sony Europe execs. They then sued Lik Sang in Great Britain, when what they were doing is perfectly legal in Hong Kong, where Lik Sang is based.

Way to gain popular support by cutting off the guys that were doing what you should have been doing from the very goddamned start. This wouldn’t be as bad if Sony was planning of improving their crapload service, but it seems like they have no intentions of ever changing from their already notorious “Shut up, we made it like that. Suck it up” management.

Sooo… Sony paves way for Nintendo imports this way? Works for me. I just need to find a new import place, then :confused:

They didn’t have the money to fight off the lawsuit. Nor were they given prior notice of the hearing. The whole thing stinks.

Also, www.play-asia.com is still alive, for now.

Weren’t they not faulty cause the PSP comes with an adapter to interface with European house current and the adapter was fully compliant?

Well one thing is for sure… they got the entire gaming community of Europe hating them since not only is the PS3 delayed till March 2007 there, but most europeans were ordering from www.lik-sang.com to stay mainstream since almost everything in Europe is delayed or received 3 to 6 months later… Applauds Bravo Sony!

Anyone remember Bleem! ?

Bleem only mattered because they were shipping dumps of the ps1 bios, thus violating copyright law. If they had hacked up their own bios they would have lived.

Bleem! was found by the courts to be legit, actually. They just got sued to death.

Damn you Sony! What on earth do you have against Europe and Australia and anywhere else outside Japan and the States?

<a href=“http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=20564”>Sony denies involvement, cites sour grapes, vows to find Sarah Connor.</a>

Hmm… so things aren’t as straightforward as it sounded. Frankly, it did sound a bit fishy that something like this could close down an entire site. Although perhaps they are closing it to pay the “substantial costs” which haven’t been paid yet.

Okay, this is uncalled for…if they want to be contemptible assholes, fine, but when they start pulling shit like this, it makes me mad.

Quite possible. Having to pay for the "substantial costs seems a good enough reason.

Yeah, that’s really shitty. Many of the Lik-Sang products were things Sony itself should have pushed forward. While the PSP thing seems to me typical “we are all for free markets except when we can milk you” (e.g. Regions in DVDs etc).

Y’know, they just had to shut it down so Nintendo and Microsoft couldn’t profit off the fact that they would’ve pulled some major Sony stuff off the store.

I think. Play-Asia seems like a probable alternative, but alas, no free postage :confused:

a related joke:

Sony Re-incarnates Caligula, makes him CEO

By Frank WEST
The Associated Press
Tuesday, October 24, 2006; 6:03 PM

TOKYO – In a suprising turn of events, Sony Computer Entertainment has used the processing power of the upcoming Playstation 3’s cell processors to re-incarnate the late Roman Emperor Caligula, and has replaced Ken Kutaragi with him. At the press release the SCE spokesperson had this to say “Kutaragi was just too smart. His decisions weren’t pissing off the market enough. $599 USD is a joke, I mean, yea, people were pissed, but they weren’t pissed enough to not sell out the console 6 weeks before it’s released. So, we got together last friday night to figure out how we could piss our customers off even more.” The spokesperson continued, “After 6 hours of Chinese food and sexist jokes, we realized that the only man who would be able to do what we needed has been dead for 1,965 years. The man was murdered by his own guards because he was such a prick and terrible leader. We figured that we could get the PS3 to channel his spirit into the body of an intern. Communication was tough at first, since we realized that nobody in the office knew Latin, but it didn’t take long for us to get the point across.”
SCE says that Caligula has added new features to the PS3.
“Whenever you get a Game Over, you have to buy a new console. But before it melts, it contacts a male S&M escort service and has them send a guy over to your house to rape you for a few hours.”

Caligula was unavailable for a comment, though he reportedly is pre-occupied with trying to find a way to have sex with his sisters who have been dead for nearly 2000 years.