Fuck, I thought crazy people didn't go to college

What have the Romans ever done for us?

Yes, but we judge today’s events by today’s standards. When you go get a job do you settle for 14 hours/day, salary just to sustain you and no holidays/health care because it’s better than what Industrial Revolution workers got?

What about the cases where someone is framed (Dreyfus etc) or wrongly convicted? By your good ol’ standards he’d be dead. And these standards were already rejected by ancient Greeks who held Dracon (Dragon) as a byword for cruel and far too severe laws after their first lawmaker who punished every crime with death. Are all laws perfect and does every crime warrants death? Victor Hugo made (or broke depending on your POV) his career with The Miserables. You know the book.

I don’t know about this guy, but I do know the Columbine guns were stolen from one of the guy’s grandpa. So, that wasn’t really a legal acquisition of guns.

In times of peace, Rome invented aqueducts and functioned as a republic. In times of war, it failed to invent any ideas of its own and was a dictatorship.

The Crusades were not “intended” by war of religion, eh? Since they are one of the few wars actually about religion and not material gain under the flimsy guise of religion (yes, I am aware they were about land, but that land was chosen for religious reasons. The holy land is not rich or fertile, it was holy), I’d have to say that’s inane. Secondly, in the event you mentioned, the protestants came about through peace, thus the advancements. The war was merely for survival.

Survival != Advancement.

Anarcho-syndicist is the name you’re looking for, and I agree war is justifiable as revolution, and in defense, and for a few other reasons, but justification is not the issue. Advancement is. Survival allows for advancement, but survival itself is not advancement. Most of the time, civilizations regress during war, but they survive to progress farther than they regressed. However, had the issue of survival not come up, they owuld not have been set back and would have advanced faster. Look at Neolithic to Classical China versus India to see this.

You do not seem to understand that retaining the ability to advance is not advancement. Wars for survival allow you to advance in the future, but only after you’ve painstakingly clawed your way back to where you were when you started.

I was born in Denver, Colorado. Which is in America. I have not renounced my citizenship. I believe this makes me American. I do not disagree with my own statement. If I did, I would not have made it. Please use actual arguments instead of flimsy generalizations.

Ten dollars per month, no fee for belt test, and I usually ride the bus, which does indeed use gasoline. Wait. Actually, I think our busses use bio-deasel. Maybe. Some form of our public transportation does. . .

The bandages were about $15 (casts weaken your arm, just set the bone and don’t use it much and you’re okay), the chinese buffet is about 8 dollars a person, and I honestly don’t know if she has a job.

Maybe not, but that was my personal example. For a cheaper solution, buy a punching bag and teach yourself to box. If you argue that this, still costs money, I would point out that buying a gun costs a lot more money. In fact, most guns cost more than my Muay Thai.

Agreed, although “more comfortable than a noose” does not equate with “cushy and hotel-like” in my opinion.

I don’t even see where this coming from. It is primarily based entirely around morality, since it is most certainly not practical, and therefor goes against most nihilist thinking. I don’t see how I mentioned owing anybody anything, either. I just think we’ve advanced far enough that we no longer have to kill people for any wrongdoing. It seems quite a lot of potential waste, if you ask me, cops shooting people in the back of the head for speeding tickets. Or even for muder. First, why is it not okay from them to decide who lives and who dies but it is for those in charge? Second, people can make mistakes, even large ones, and be rehabilitated. I’d rather have a productive member of society with a slightly dark past than a corpse any day. Well, except in bed. Rawr. But, my zombie fetish aside, I’d take the productive member. Maybe it won’t always happen, but sometimes it does. I’m not all-out against the death penalty, but I don’t think we should just kill literally everyone who breaks a law, or even everyone who breaks certain laws.

If the federal government made two fewer middle-of-the-road warplanes, it would be approximately equal to the cost of all the prisons in the nation, I believe. My facts may be slightly off, but I remember it costs about 5 billion a year for prisons, and some average warplane or another (F-16 or -15 or something) is 2.7 billion dollars, without any armaments of any sort. Having two less planes will not weaken our national defense enough to ever matter.
Hell, if we hadn’t built enough nuclear weapons to kill the entire population of the earth more than five times over, we doubtless could’ve paid for it for decades, and that is a whole lot more sensible, since, whatever your political beliefs, you can only kill everything on the face of the earth once, really. You don’t need to do it more times than that.

Yes, I’ll agree it is lame to beign taxes to feed rapists, but we aren’t going to get rid of Congress or the Senate any time soon, so we have to deal with it.
No, wait, sorry, we were talking about the criminals in prison. Yeah, sucks to pay for them, too, but it’s better than killing a lot of themwho really do not deserve death for what they’ve done. Some do, but I’d say most really don’t.

The 984: Are you sure they were stolen. I remember the news here in CO at the time going crazy over the fact that somebody had sold these kids the guns. Maybe I’m wrong (I was 8 or 9 when it happened), but I could’ve swarn Harris and Clebold purchased their guns.

Courtesy of wikipedia: “In the months prior to the attacks, Harris and Klebold acquired two 9mm firearms and two 12 gauge shotguns. A rifle and the two shotguns were bought in a straw purchase in December 1998 by a friend, Robyn Anderson. Harris and Klebold later bought a handgun from a friend, Mark Manes. Manes was jailed after the massacre for the offense of selling a handgun to a minor, as was Philip Duran, who had introduced the duo to Manes.”

Hm. There are a lot of typos in that last post of mine, including an embarassing one where I give my opponent the wrong gender. He was male, despite any pronouns that might indicate otherwise.