FUCK!!!! I don't have enough expletives for this


Uh, and this is bad… why?

Edit: Oh wait, I just noticed the thread with everybody complaining about a FF7 remake. We talked about this same subject not long ago on the FF Board… personally, I was pretty sure they would DO it when the PS3 came out. They need something big to hook the RPG fans, the way the new Zelda does for the Wii.

I’ll agree that, storywise, FF7 did NOT require a remake. However, graphically it did. Yes, I remember all the praise it got 10 years ago, but all the new FF7 spin-offs make it look cartoony by comparison.

Aren’t these screen shots from the tech demo? I didn’t see anything actually confirming a remake anywhere.

This is totally unexpected. Really. Though I would have preferred a DS remake, for obvious reasons.

But yeah, legality etc.

Look at the date these were added… false alarm, folks. :expressionless:

These are screenshots from the E3 tech demo of the PS3. That got people’s hopes up too but Sony made a statement right after saying they weren’t planning on making a remake.

What about the release date? it says 11/15/2007…

It’s the internet.

I think I can only quote the Rayman bunnies on this:


Man, for a second there I thought this thread was about the Re-Re-Re-Remakes of FF’s I & II then I would have really felt the fool for starting another thread on the FF Compendium Fourm about that.

Oh and yeah FFVII remake whatever. The only thing Squeenix seems to be able to do with the FF series these days is remake the shit out of the previous games. I’ve played though it more than once which is alot better than with most of my other games at the moment.

Originally Posted by ValKirby Esker
What about the release date? it says 11/15/2007…

Duke Nukem Forever’s Release Date is 03/05/2999. If that’s any consolation.

Man Sin, I expected better than this from you. :frowning:

The screenshots are probably from the tech demo, but they were probably used to fill a void of having no screenshots and to gove an idea of what the game will look like.

All it says is FF7 - PS3. The tech demo was indeed of FF7 and it was indeed on PS3. I think that page is just a place to put those screenshots, not any sort of official announcement that the game is in development.

What the hell is wrong with you?:noway: