Fuck Gundam...

…it’s all about New Getter Robo.

Recently released on DVD, this is one of Go Nagai’s masterpieces being repackaged, and it’s better than the original series (but it doesn’t match Shin Getter, nothing can match Shin Getter). Seriously, the characters, even though they’re repackaged yet again, are far more intersesting than random homosexual gundam pilot #1 through #34646234658, the robot looks insanely cool (the paint job sucks, but hey, we’re talking about a remake of a late 70’s early 80’s series here!), the series emanates coolness.

So pick it up and see what you’ve been missing.

Meh… fuck 'em both. GO FULLMETAL PANIC!


I still fondly remember the GETTA ROBO vs MAZINGER ZETA anime movies. Sniff

The gundam Show are real Bad Just go watch Ghost in the shell
are watch Bleach

Oooo you said the F word… Oooooooooooo. hits you over the head wtih a fan for saying the F word I always lose track of any Gundam show and Ghost in the shell but sheesh go hit a pillow if you’re angry at a t.v. show. Don’t bring it to the net and start cursin’ your Irish head off. (eww irish people… ((jk…or am i?)))

The point being that everyone talks about Gundam like it was the best thing to hit super robots since sliced bread.

As nothing makes a statement better than profanity, I say fuck.

Well, that a matter of opinion isn’t it? I personally don’t like the orginal gundam, but the rest are good for me. I don’t like macross as much. And I’ve never seen Getter Robo or Mazinger Z. It’s just easier to talk about since more people watch it , i think. But i don’t really know that for sure, so it’s just speculation.

I like my thing cause its better than your thing! :smiley: