The game looks good, but Square shipped it unfinished. I put an hour or so into it today and ran into enough bugs to want to return it to the store. I don’t understand how people at companies keep their jobs when they put this kind of product out.

I haven’t seen it but, but my buddies PC Glenton and Omega have and they’re not impressed. Also, Spoony from The Guy With The Glasses blasted the game while singing praises for Guild Wars 2 (though to be fair he only saw the demos.)

Wow, I hadn’t even heard of its release. So squeenix is still trying for the MMO market?

Can you elaborate on what these bugs are and why they’re frustrating? I am also surprised its out. I didn’t even hear about the beta. Honestly, I find it surprising anyone would play that or FFXI after the ridiculous bullshit with bosses like Pandemonium Warden and players getting banned for finding ways to beat unbeatable bosses.

Your character is always either in Passive or Active modes. Passive mode lets you move faster and recover HP - you generally use it while running through the field, in town, or after a battle. Active mode means you whip your weapons/tools out and can attack or gather/craft, but you move slowly and can’t recover HP. My character basically glitched so you couldn’t tell what mode he was in, which had consequences for a bunch of things I needed to be in Passive mode for but turned out to be stuck in active. I was on a time daily quest-type thing they uses up resources, and I only figured out the problem with 5:00 left on the 30:00 character. That’s a lot of wasted time >_<

Also the UI is slow and sucky sucky $5

From what I’ve gathered, it looks pretty, but what’s the goal? I haven’t really heard of what the overall objective is or anything like that.
Personally, I don’t really see a point in playing (plus all the subscription bullshit).

Kinda surprised with all the glitches you mentioned. I would’ve imagined they fixed all that with the Beta they had going.

lmfao, I’m not surprised with the glitches. If it’s out less than a year after 13, what the fuck could they do?

Anyway, this whole thing reeks of shit.

Its an MMO, there is no goal.

I’ll admit, I worded that poorly (and probably wasn’t thinking straight). Damn Flu’s been messing with me the last couple of days.

What I meant to say was “Why I should I play FFXIV over something else?” I see no reason.

IF I had a PC that could run a MMORPG, I still wouldn’t play one that had a monthly fee. I heard Guild Wars 2 doesn’t, however.

I sooooo agree with you!

There were plenty of goals to set in FFXI, Square’s first MMORPG. Gear, missions, factions, crafting, taking down certain mobs, and there were a lot of things introduced after I stopped playing. Your success in game was generally determined by what mobs you killed with your guild, and your gear was basically a reflection of your contributions to the guild.

The missions provided a storyline; ShadowLord was the original “boss” and working through the missions you got to eventually fight him. At that point, you could say you “finished” FFXI because there was no more story available in game. Each expansion introduced a new storyline, and working through the missions wasn’t much different than playing a traditional RPG, except you were doing it with your friends. The missions were great, actually.

I am not going to play FFXIV because of the time investment required. I also don’t have much interest because Square-Enix’s support for XI was absolutely horrendous, allowing real money trade (buying and selling gil) to ruin the game. Square’s definition of end game was also horrible: hundreds of people standing around in a room for up to three hours using illegal bots to claim a mob that pops once a day? That’s a lot of fun. Also, the servers being in Japan gave the Japanese an advantage, and they were mostly rude and condescending on my server - even though the North American players accomplished more than they did.

I hear everything in XIV is server side, the game is really slow, and again you are dumped onto servers in Japan with JP players. (No thanks).

Sure there’s a goal, Sin. To raid, raid, raid and then get upset when you meet somebody who in a guild chat discussion on raiding simply says they’re not interested in it, and then you threaten to tear their head off just for that.

I’ve only played WoW but I’m kinda curious about other games too, but FFXIV really isn’t making the list after all the crap I hear about it here and other places. Guild Wars 2 on the other hand seems to have something interesting going.

I’ve only played the free ones like the ones on aeriagames and gpotoato. Currently I’m playing Runes of Magic though. I’m just biding my time until Guild Wars 2 comes out as well. I propose to magke a RPGC guild if enough people are playing.

i am so excited to play ffxiv

Yeah, screw online FF. You guys should be talking about this!

Wow, that looks good! and it’s on the DS yeah, I can emulate it! :smiley: …looking forward to it!

I was going to say it’s already out, but then I saw you’re from Australia. Well, I’m not sure if it’s out there yet, but you can always get it other ways.

To be honest I would like to buy a Nintendo DS, but I’m not willing to pay $200+ (AUD) for it as I place a rather tight budget for entertainment on myself and I’m also in the midst of getting a mid-high end video card for my PC. So unless the price for the DS comes to about $150 - $175 (AUD) (which I don’t see happening anytime soon…), I’ll be using other means to play it!

A high end videocard for what? I can’t imagine a VC giving you more entertainment than a DS. The DS is seriously the real deal. I wouldn’t trade one for a 360, much less a card that’s only necessary for what… Half Life 2? :confused: PC gaming is dead, or close to it.