Fuck England

Today is July 1st. Today, Canada celebrates its independence (lol, no) from England. This Saturday, it shall be July 4th. America shall celebrate its independence from the Crown. On Monday, July 6th, Malawi shall celebrate its independence from Great Britain.

WHEREAS, these three nations are no longer subject to foreign soil (except Canada);

WHEREAS, in the space of a week, three nations declared their independence from England; and,

WHEREAS, this thread has been made the past two years; now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that we, the great members of the RPGCommunity, joined together as Canadians, Americans, and Malawians, do hereby declare loudly and proudly


Fuck those guys.

I have a special Fuck England weekend surprise for you, the 984!

…with fireworks from CHINA. :smiley:

Lets just be friends, okay England?


OMG hai Eden. :slight_smile: Trilly - LOL!

But Canada and America can be more than friends… Canadian.


I’m going to unleash my cosby spider on on England. First place i tested him was in the middle east. I went out of control for a while, and no thanks to the people at r9k, I got him under control. Once i find a good picture of england, all [insert clever word combination of Cosby and arachnid] hell will break loose.


[/b]Fuck them right in the ear.

Here is my cosbot, fucking england. It really only took me a few minutes to drop him off.

racist ban for one month

Fuck’em in their own Footballs.

But what about Scotland? Shouldn’t it be fuck the UK?

fuck England. you know what you did.

…I like England :frowning: Nah just kidding. Who likes ENGLAND? Fuck them :slight_smile:


you’re all really bringing this guy down. Can’t you respect his large quantity of badges?

I challenge you all to find a photo of a non-English person with just as many badges, if not more!

Than Shwe, dictator of Burma.

To be fair, his were probably all self-given and mean nothing outside his country >_>

HAHA! Score one for England. :victoly: