Fuck Christmas! What are you doing for New Year's?

I’m more excited about a week from now than I am about now, to be honest. Me and some friends are gonna cheeeeeeel and drink rum and I might even get a bit of ass. Haha just kidding! I’m Hades!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

But seriously, I’m pre-empting the happy 2008 train, and I’m doing it with this thread. I am EXCITED. Aren’t you excited? Yeahhhh

Not particularly.

You are a man ahead of your times, Hades :wink:

31st: Evening shift 14-22, 1st: Morning shift 6-14.

On what would happen, I’d wager: Nothing. Perhaps a glass of sparkly and then off to bed it is!

I’m working… again… good money at least. :boring:

Eating delicious dutch pastries while staying home doing nothing but playing videogames and watching tv.

Wait what?


When did I become the guy who goes and does things? Someone else HAS to be partaying on New Years :open_mouth: I feel sorry for the lot of you :open_mouth:

Except TD, because I know he’s doing that by choice :wink:

i work eve and day

else i’d be out with friends

I’m rolling.

That should be fun.

I wonder how that mixes with yayooo… ::ponder::

Spending it at home. No alcohol… hopefully.

Don’t worry, Hades, I’m here.

The house I rent with some friends is going to end up the scene of a horrendous debauchery to top all prior years, since this is my last one in it. We’ll drink moonshine (Blood Orange Brandy) and Chartreuse, smoke Hookah tobacco, and it will be decadent to put Oscar Wilde to shame.

EDIT: Take a saratonin supplement, Lanyx, so the comedown doesn’t suck.

I opted out of a party that promised to be a lot like that. Can’t be in two places at once :open_mouth:

You and your Chartreuse. Unless I pick something else up before then, it’s shots of Bacardi for me :smiley:

im going to party SO HARD on irc

New Year’s Eve? Probably <strike>hit on 19 year olds</strike> work followed by probably doing something in downtown Athens followed by working for time and a half on the 1st.

That’s the plan!

I plan on working until midnight, getting ridiculously drunk afterward, and try to muster the energy to sleep with my ladyfriend. It’s a New Years tradition!

Won’t know until I get there.

In the years past I’ve either had a party at my place, party at someone else’s place, or sit by a roaring fire in my fireplace sipping down some nog or something along those lines.

New Year’s Eve I’ll probably be in bed by 11:00. :sunglasses: New Years Day I have off, so I’ll probably be working on an update for the FFC (unless I somehow manage to get it all done tomorrow).

If it’s dry out I’m going to play with my band on my friends’ roof.

Partying with some new friends and hopefully getting some tail.