I don’t like fruitcake. I also don’t know anyone who likes fruitcake. I also have not known anyone who did like fruitcake. It has therefore always been a mystery as to why fruitcakes persist. I believe there may be a sampling bias, where a confound within my social circles means my observation that people hate fruitcakes is precise, but inaccurate.


I take it you don’t like fruitcakes.

Me too. It’s like shoveling bile into your mouth.

Depends, my mother makes a pretty good fruit cake… then again, the actual cake part doesn’t taste good, but luckily there’s more fruit than cake.

I think I’ll stick with these wicked oatmeal-raisin-nut-and-chocolate cookies o’mine. crunch

My neighbours liked it. I’ve never really had it, that I recall. I think it’s a pop-culture thing to make fun of fruitcake, like Brussels sprouts, pop music, etc. that plenty of people like, but enough people dislike to have cause to mock it.

Try banana loaf. Technically fruitcake in as much as it contains fruit and is a cake, but if you get the right mix of bananas and jam, it really is right up there with the best sponge.

Fruitcake is a killer weapon when hardened.

For the holidays, I prefer snickerdoodles and cut-out cookies though.

There is a region in far, far West China called Xinjiang Province (pronounced Shin-Jee-Ang), it is mostly populated by Turkish muslim ethnic minorities. Anyway, they have the most awesome fruitcake I’ve ever had, and you can buy it all over the place from street vendors. You can find it in large cities in the East as well, but I haven’t found it in the dinky little place I’m in. Anyway, a handfull of the stuff weighs about as much as an anvil. This is the best picture I could find.




I like fruitcake. There, I said it.

I also like brusselsprouts.

Will beat me to it.

And I’ve never had one, now I want to try one to see how it tastes.

I can’t eat it because I’m allergic to nuts. :confused:

The only people I know who actually like fruitcake are old people. I suspect this is because dentures make it possible to chew fruitcake.

I brought some fruitcake, as a joke, to our Christmas tailgate before the Buffalo Bills game last year. I had tried it in the past and never liked it. But this stuff was from Wegmans and it was actually not that bad. It was chewy, not hard, and the flavor didn’t make me want to puke. I wouldn’t make a habit out of it, but I think if it’s made right, fruitcake can be edible.

edit: the fruitcake is in between the growlers in the middle of the pic

I don’t see how fruit and baked sustenance together would make for an appeasing combo.

Fruit PUDDING, however…

You guys know that there’s a candy that’s more than thrice as hard as fruit cake, right? It’s called panela and it’s plain, crystallized sugar. I once broke one of my father’s hammers while trying to break a particularly hard one.

I think I once took a shit that looked similar to a piece of fruitcake.

That’s really intense. It’s like breaking nail-clippers cutting a fingernail. It probably doesn’t feel as awesome since it was candy that broke it instead of your beastly fingernails, but it’s probably pretty cool nonetheless.

Century of the fruitbat sounds better than century of the anchovy. Pf, anchovy!

I like fruitcake.

Just not in large portions, is all.

Oh and I ain’t that old, either :stuck_out_tongue:

After reading all the comments above… it is rather uncomfortable saying this, however… I’m actually a fan of fruit cake! and I’m quite surprised that everyone hates it so much and despises it! When properly made and eaten fresh… it’s actually quite nice!