Front Mission 5


I really hope that the gameplay reseambles FM3 more than 4,since 4 is so freaking slow.

plus they left out the greatest part in ff4, taking other peoples wanzers which was awsome.

I dont’ really understand how you find Front Mission 4’s gameplay to be so slow when the only things they took out were the “virtual Internet” and the ability to exit and board Wanzer’s. If you ask me, the linked battles may have made the gameply even faster tahn Front Mission 3’s. I miss the “virtual Internet” thing most of all. I didn’t use it that much, but it gave the me the ability to know great heaps of useless information whenever I wanted too that added depth to the game’s world.

Front Mission 5 looks quite good. Finally, their going to show the character’s outside their wanzers in great looking models no less! I mean, they showed them outside in FM3, but it was more of a splash of a “this guy has a blue jumpsuit and she has a red one thing” to discern one character from another.

What I don’t like is the whoel woman and guy in an institution eventually finding love in the middle of a battlefield storyline. I’ll have to see how it plays out though…makes me want to go and finish off FM4.

i loved the linking it was awsome i hope they have that in FM 5

Bring back the USN!!

I have FM4 but, haven’t played it. I loved FM3 and FM1 was cool. Well I hope FM5 is good…this is a good series and they need to keep it like that or improve it.