Front Mission 1, 2, and 3

What systems are these games for and are they any good?

Coleco vison, and they’re kinda like mario kart combined with doom III

Front Mission 1:SNES
Front Mission 2:PSX japan only? not sure
Front Mission 3:PSX

And yes they are very good but I only played 1 and 3 so i don’t know about 2,I recomend you to get 3 since i consider it the best of them all (yes even better than 4).

Yeah i stole this game from this fat kid i hate and i still have it. its pretty cool.

The Front Mission series are all basically chronicles of the wars and conflicts fought between the USN and OCU [2 supernations]. They’re SRPGs for the most part, with fights between large human operated robots called Wanzers [from Wanderung Panzer, German?].

I loved Front mission 3, and when I played front mission 1 I wasnt as happy. Front mission 4 is badass, I dunno why no one really talks about it, the chain settings that they have are badass. One person with lots of armor, with 3 snipers chained to his attack… walk up to enemy, attack BAM BAM BAM go the snipers, one enemy down.


Actually, I think it’s Walking Panzer, a mix of both German and English.

Although I have to say I hated the fourth one. I loved the 1st one and the 3rd one, but FM4 didn’t do it for me.

Does anyone know any german to explain Wanzer?

I don’t, but Walking Panzer sounds right. Panzers are a kind of German tank.

I really need to pick up a copy of 4. I’ve gotten a good way into 1, dled 2 (though I can’t really play it), and have kicked the crap out of the demos of 3 and 4.

Wandernd Panzer. German meaning is walking tank. In German, Wanzer is pronounced Vanzer.

Heh, awesome, i was guessing that would would answer that question

Darn, answered it before me, and I had a chance to seem all smart and stuff. I think they even explained that in one of the games. Must of been in the third one, because the first didn’t really have any directory or internet like the third one did…and it’s nonexistent in the fourth.

Speaking of Front Mission 4, Izlude is totally right. It’s an awesome game, at least, it’s a lot better than those screenshots I saw on rpgamer, it looked just like the third, but they didn’t give the game justice. I have to say I really liked the new innovations with the link system and all, and so far that I’ve played, which is to the second part with Darril, the game is rather good.

Mastermune is right though, 3 is the best of the series. Voice actors or no voice actors, link system or not, it had a nice database you could waste a bunch of time on, a pretty nice storyline, but overall, it’s just the high point of the series. I keep searching through my mind, but I still can’t find a reason WHY they decided to take out the internet when the fourth installment of the series came out. It was a really, really nice addition. More than that, it turned the game from some strictly non-linear fare, and brought it into a whole new dimension. I’ll admit, it was a bit more than I could take, and I didn’t use it all that much…at all that much really, but I enjoyed the fact that it was there. One of the most important things was that it had a good back-up history of the USN, OCU, Zaftra, and others. Front Mission is much hollower because of the fact it doesn’t have anything of the sort.

Still a really good game though, and I truly enjoyed the divertion from the focus on Japan to other countries. I think it’s about time really, they’ve had all this stuff on other nations but the series usually limits the action to Japan, it makes sense though of course. I wonder if FM3 is a Greatest Hit…I saw a Spiderman game that was, so it better be, it certainly deserves it.


WOW! Stealing makes you cool! LOL OMG WTF

Eh, I used to steal stuff all the time, Wizardmaster.
I don’t think he was showing off, just stating how he got it.
The person I used to steal from just got another copy of it about a day later, so it wasn’t that big a deal.

…Well, uh, I had a guy that stole my copy of Xenogears and Lunar 2, which cost about 60 bucks, so I’m kind of biased about the whole thing. I know his name too, I’ll find the kid someday.

Fight the power, Mullen, Fight it good. Say, about the main topic, Isn’t FM2 on the SNES (but not yet translated)? In any case, I like the first one.

That’s Gun Hazard, not 2.