From the furthest banks of time...

I have gazed upon the shiftings of tide and boards. I can recall the days of yore, of the hippo that should be eaten* on commands spoken by one of the great ones. I have gazed upon the mailbag as it switched rulers and gags. I was given the throne in the fanfiction section and ruled from the shadows** for an eternity***. I have watched visitors come and go. I have watched the mods shift places. People banished, people returning. I recall the days of dark and others.

And now…

All I got was this lousy t-shirt!

You knew I’d say that :kissy:

Now for my point. I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. How about some good memories from this place? Any to share? :slight_smile:

*Ooh, I’m gonna pay for this.

**Yeah, right!

***Trust me, the update days made it feel like it at least.

Remember when X had that little tri-force icon?

Remember how fucking small X is/was?

Oh wai-

I remember the first time I came here, I was always in the chatroom with RPG_Dragon, blingbling, nine_inch_nails, and I don’t know how many other people.

You remember the very first boards? And Mysidia?

Bet y’don’t!

I believe they’re still around somewhere in cached form, actually. Try a Google search. :sunglasses:

They /are/, yeah. I know Mysidia still is!

billy4ever :slight_smile:

Bob’s RPG Emporium!
The old Millenial Fair
When it was considered amazingly awesome that RPGC had a shrine on every console Final Fantasy.

…uh… Miva boards and Mysidia…

Oh yeah, that crazy fucker who kept going on about Zero’s boob lights.
And who remembers back when us and the Bob and George people used to be cool like ice?

I hate nostalgia, dammit, make it go away! It’s the past, it’s gone!

The 7% fuck post. Or was it a larger %? It had to be larger.

My accidental learning of Miva script that resulted in a sudden loss of boards.

The fuckpost that, should the purcentage be alcohol instead, would get me drunk under ten shots.

Our attempted assimilation of BobAndGeorge.

The repeated bannings of Darkvampire and the amusing attempts he did to get unbanned/evade the ban.

I was just reminded by Sorcerer’s post, of the time when his avatar was a jumping/dancing snowman thing and his title was Politically Incorrect.

Oh, and Zero in a dress :kissy:

And yes, I do remember that 7% fuck quote. Though I don’t remember WHY it came to be.

I also remember when Macc was still around and the Merlin-piano joke was still around. Let’s throw a piano at him for old times’ sake! C’mon, pleeease?

pulls a rope and lets the piano drop

Does that help?

I remember when I first looked into the fanfiction section, when Mazrim added Weiila’s first magus fic (I don’t really want to think of fanfiction titles right now). It was when all the fics had a pure white background, rather than sharing the same style as the rest of the site, back when we had EZBoard and just before the horrible age of message board popups. Man, that was such a beautiful time…boy, have the years passed, I can’t even remember how long I’ve been here.

Except originally the piano was dropped on anyone who said the word “Conspiracy”.

evades piano

Ah yes, the Politically Incorrect title. I remember that one, as do I the bouncing snowman.

haha, how about the proof of Sinistrals affinity for sheep?

I’ve been here for quite awhile, but I’ve got nothin’ on most of the oldbies.

I do remember being kinda stupid early on. :hahaha;

I think it was around 20%.

; _ ;

I remember a lampshade… FARUK… Sabin… the Pit of Janet Reno Porn… and when Maz was a Holy Calculator. sigh

I remember Vicki’s really old avatar that had the glasses wearing chick.