From the creator of the Juggernaut bitch

Its the Green Ranger bitch!

I had no idea that Sin had such a colorful vocabulary. Coarse I also didn’t know he could shoot energy beams from his hands.

Wow, that was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Not nearly as funny as the juggernaut, and I think its just a rip off of the juggernaut, cuz it didnt sound like the juggernaut at all. On a scale of 1 to 10, this video is shit.

Meh. It was okay. Is this why you changed your avatar to the power rangers?

Yeah right I thought this was hilarious

No that’s actually just a coincidence.

Oooooh. 'k.

I found neither that nor Juggernatu bitch funny. :expressionless:

Maybe if you find talking about rape funny.

I found it funny!

I guess DT finds rape funny.

Thats because DT is a woman, not as mature as us men. They find rape hilareous.

Ironic isn’t it? Well I found both the BITCH clips funny. And yes Charle, rape is histerical…