Frog Help PLEASE Quick!

I was mowing the lawn and it’s a hot day out and I found a frog and there’s no natural water around here and I don’t want to see it eaten by my cat so can someone pleeeeeeeease help me? I dunno if I should give it water or bring it inside and there’s no shade! :hyperven:

put it in some bottled water, not in A bottle of watter. see if you have jar or somthing, perferable a small tank. fill it up about an inch, or so, as much as it would be comfortable, and able to swim around, and put a small peice of bark or a rock or somthing, so it can get out. dont use tap water, cuz that’ll kill it. go to the store, and get some distiled water, for like 2 bucks, that would be best.

PS: put a towel over it, it’ll dry up. AND DIE!

PPS: he’s a water element, so he’s week against thunder element.

PPPS: You know what would work good? A 2 liter bottle of soda

Poor froggy ;_;

You could even use the bottle of distilled water instead of a soda bottle, that would make more sense, but you’re be waiting alot of water.

It’s true i have 2 frogs.

If you have a little aquarium for fish you could put him in that put sand a little bit of sand in the bottom and some distilled water in the bottom water out of a garden hose works fine (trust me i’ve kept frogs in it before). Put in some bark, rocks, and maybe a lilypad then you have yourself a terarrium for your frog. A substite for the aquarium would be the bottle but make sure you have a few holes in it for air or it will die x_x .

oh yeah? you’ve used hose water? where are these frogs now? huh? where?

Yeah that will give him a warm and fuzzy.

While my mom and I were doing the yard work, I saw a frog near the house in the back yard. A little later on, mom came to the side of the house with the lawn mower… she yelled “Chrissy! I killed your frog with the lawn mower.” I walked around and looked at the frog, it’s arm and leg gone, some of it’s insides sticking out and I could see it’s blood still flowing. It’s heart was still beating and he was trying to move.

Poor lil’ froggy…

if you don’t know how to save it maybe it’s better to kill it fast than let it die a long and painful death

another option is to cast “frog” on it or use “maidens kiss” to bring it back to it’s natural form

or to stfu if you don’t know what to do other than kill it.

Buy a fishbowl. They’re like $8 for a one gallon capacity.

It’s just a freaking frog. If it found it’s way into your yard, it probably knows where it was going. You probably screwed the poor thing by removing it from it’s outside habitat.

or to stfu if you don’t know what to do other than kill it.


Shut the fuck up. It’s a mean acronym. ;_;

or to stfu if you don’t know what to do other than kill it.

or just wait for phoerrets cat to eat it. i don’t like killing animals, but let it suffer while pondering what to do until it died itself (or got eaten by my pet) isn’t any better!