Friday the 13th

This is not a movie I would usually see by myself, but I ended up seeing it because my college has this thing where they bus people to the movies at midnight and the ticket prices are drastically reduced.

There was, of course, a lot of violence, but also a ridiculouly provocative sex and nudity. I was truly surprised how audacious they were when it came to that, even from the very beginning of the movie. Its been awhile since I saw an R-rated movie that was made for the masses. Has popular culture really gotten that provocative?

Anyway, what were your thoughts(on the off-chance that any of you actually felt compelled to see it)?

I haven’t seen it, but I have to ask how many times is Jason blown up by the end of the movie? Also how many campers blew up as well? Also also, did the camp itself blow up in any way by the movie’s end?

They were good about that, he doesn’t “die” until the end of the movie. But the very end is sort of a wink at fans of previous movies, but comes off really lame if you haven’t seen the first Friday the 13ths.

A slasher flick was full of gratuitous sex and nudity?! WHY I NEVER!

Friday the 13th movies have taught me that you can’t really ever kill Jason. You just stop him until the plot dictates he comes back (via lightning strike, psychic powers, super-regeneration, etc.).

As per the gratuitous sex and violence, that’s always been there. Never watched any slasher flicks in the last 15-20 years? :slight_smile:

Chances are, I’ll probably see this one sooner or later.

The point of Friday the 13th is that he kills people who are sinning. Mostly premarital sex, drugs, etc.

He’s like Jesus, but with a hockey mask and a machete. So he’s like OJ with hockey mask. I guess what I’m really trying to say here is that Jesus was Puerto Rican.

Edit: In fact I am thinking of the wrong movie.

Yeah, haha. When I saw you were the last response to this thread, I was kinda scratching my head like “X-Wing actually went to see this??”

Im just amused that you confused ‘Friday the 13th’ with something else.

Yeah, saying I enjoyed the “genuine mystery” in Friday the 13th probably spoke poorly of my intelligence. Next time I’m in a deep argument, someone can quote that for an instant win.

The movie was My Bloody Valentine, by the way.