Friday the 13th

I haven’t been around for the past few days because on Thursday night, Friday day a wonderful snowstorm, yes that’s S-N-O-W-S-T-O-R-M dumped two to three feet of snow in western New York. Now, Buffalo normally hadles this kind of stuff every winter, but since it’s only October, all the tree still had their leaves. Add several feet of snow and you have a problem. My neighborhood looks like a warzone. My neighbors tree fell and pulled our power lines right out of my house and now they’re dangling in my driveway. Still hundreds of thousands of people are without power, me included. My work’s web blocker is still down so I was able to write this. I’ve been bored to death the past couple of days. Luckily, my parents just bought a generator, so maybe I might be able to watch TV tonight. What pisses me off most is that that I had just finished a hard chapter in Fire Emblem and was starting the next, but before I could save, the power went off. That was my trird attempt on that chapter. GRRRR!

For news coverage about this record breaking storm click here.

I heard about it, getting two-three feet of snow in October is crazy. Sorry about the power outage, I’ve had to deal with stuff like that before, but not as long, hope you get your power back soon.

Hundreds of thousands of people are lacking electric power now and you’re pissed for not having been able to save a game?

I’d be more thoughtful about going to the bathroom at night.

Thanks Kiro. Tomorrow marks a full week without power. I’m going chuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!!!