Freshman Friday

Tomorrow is the last day of school for me, and then my summer vacation begins. Only being a sophmore, I don’t get to participate in the brutal beatings of the future freshmen, but I am going to go watch.

Was anybody here hazed or anything as a freshman? I wasn’t really, we had cool seniors, so we may or may not have our own freshman friday, but I’d still like to haze some people. Has anybody here participated in any hazing or stuff like that?

It’s being cracked down on since that thing with those girls, where a bunch of them got the everloving shit beaten out of them; thats taking things too far. Egging or whatever is fun, and nobody gets hurt, just a little humiliated. But that shit builts character.

I never really did it and I don’t condone it; what’s the difference between you and a bully, if you haze? You humiliate and hurt them. I don’t think it’s worth it.

Although I did like that ep. of Hey Arnold where they chased them around and put them in trash cans. But I like all eps. of HA, so…

At the beginning of the year seniors hazed us in Marching band by stealing our instruments and shoving our mouth pieces into the ground. Most of them stopped after one of my patented trombone clobberings.:slight_smile:

Well, see, what I wanna do, and what I’ll probably convince the rest of my class to do, is haze, then party with them. Because, if anything, it’s supposdly a fun initiation ritual time thing, and it isn’t fun if they just have the crap beaten out of them. Mainly, think like Dazed and Confused - beat them, then have fun with them.

there are a lot of freshman that need their asses kicked because they’re too goddamn cocky. We don’t usually haze people though.

Hazing should be banned on all levels HS , college, etc.

Don’t scare me you guys… I’m a future freshman in just five days…:frowning: I’ll be outta the 8 th grade and hello high school!

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Mainly, think like Dazed and Confused - beat them, then have fun with them.

Whoa, as soon as I saw the title of this thread I thought of that movie. It was such a good movie!
I think my class got hazed in like grade 7 or 8, but I didn’t get effected. I kind of thought it was kind of stupidly funny.

If you don’t have any older upper classmen siblings, you aren’t a well known irritation to most everybody, and aren’t very popular/don’t go to a lot of parties and stuff, then you shouldn’t really be worried about much of anything.

Schools out for the summer

Jesus fucking christ you people end early.

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Jesus fucking christ you people end early.

They’re on semester schedules. Alot of the UCs are out already too. …I wish we were out ;_;

Anyway, I don’t see the point of hazing other than for larger/older/whatever people to unleash their sadist tendencies on smaller people. How does it build character? I’m sure the guys who died from alchohol poisoning at some of the fraternity hazings really felt like stronger individuals :stuck_out_tongue:

No. I got made fun of in grade school to put up with that bullshit.

In any case I tended to stay abck and out of things.

Meh, some seniors at my school tried it in gr8 and got the shit kicked out of them. They picked the wrong 8th graders to pick on, one was a brown belt in Karate, one was a high degree Taekwando student and the third had protection from a linebacker who was bigger then most 12th graders. Hasn’t happened since :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The problem with many freshman (I speak from the male standpoint, and the male standpoint alone, I have no idea if or what girls do) is that they still think they are eigth graders, and on top of the school. The believe it is thier right to talk back to the seniors and juniors, and play small practical jokes on them. At my school they tended to wear large backpacks, and have no spatial awareness, so every time they would turn, they would smack someone with thier backpack.

Instructions for Proper Hazing
I believe that Hazing is a necessary point in a freshman’s life so they realize that they do not rule anything. Hazing can consist of one or more of the following: flour, eggs, pantyhose, a buzzer (for cutting hair and hair only), duct tape, and maybe a headlock or two. It should never become more physical than wrestling. Punches are not to be thrown, even if the freshman strikes first. Chances are they are smaller and weaker, and can be subdued without brutal force.

I am a graduating senior now, and I was hazed slightly as a freshman. I was mocked for having a backpack (which I got rid of half way through freshman year) and I found myself in a dumpster. It was clean hazing, and the seniors were good sports about it. I also wrestled a lot, and got mauled by the seniors.

Looking back on it, I realized I was really, really dumb as a freshman, and I did think I ruled. I got set straight, and it was fun. =)

I honestly don’t understand how hazing builds character. I was hazed before I got to join a club (get this, a civic service one, ha ha, lol) in high school, and I know that part of the experience didn’t do a damn thing for my character. It didn’t put me in my proper place, it didn’t make me a better (or worse) person, and I really didn’t learn anything from it except how pointless it was.

I think if it’s a case of people “being put in their places,” then life will take care of that for them on its own without some ritualistic, rite-of-passage bullshit organized by people most likely not much more grown up (if any more at all) than they are.

Maybe I just think this because I’m an adult and it’s so far behind me. However, this opinion of mine hasn’t changed in the ten years since that time, so who knows.

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Don’t scare me you guys… I’m a future freshman in just five days…:frowning: I’ll be outta the 8 th grade and hello high school!

you. are. frickin’. lucky. my school does not let out for 2-3 weeks!

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Hazing should be banned on all levels HS , college, etc.

^< Agreed.

I was never hazed myself, which is a good thing. It is something I never would have stood for, and I would have fought back…which would have been very bad for me, considering I haven’t taken an honest swing at a person since elementary school.

On a side note, I never understand why people never condemn the idiots who get themselves killed or seriously injured in a hazing. Not always, but most of the time that person is trying to join a group under his own motivation, and is not being forced. Certainly the hazers are guilty of something, but the victim is not guiltless either.

Ah, how I enjoy being on a campus completely devoid of Greek life. Sadly, people cope with the absence of fraternities and sororities by banding together to drink and be idiots according to other group structures…mostly athletic groups, but some random others as well. Can’t be helped, I guess.

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Jesus fucking christ you people end early.

<img src=“”> I finish on Tuesday, final year here goes by ungodly fast.

Hazing should be done to people who who get offended or sensitive about that stuff.I’m pretty sure, a lot of freshmen just want to be left alone and not build up a humiliating reputation, just starting high school.I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m extremely irritated when someone touches me or tries to get rough with me when I am not expecting it; I’m anal about my personal space, and if anyone tried to pull those stunts on me I would have fought back as if I were being attacked.Anyone about to get hazed should have a say that they’re fine with it.
Luckily, nothing of the sort happened in my school, where I live, high school starts at grade 10, and I am currently at the end of my grade 10 year now, yay!
Last year, when I was in grade 9 orientation I was scared to death, not cocky at all.I felt small…but this year, looking back on it, I shouldn’t have been afraid of anything, and the grade 9’s enrolling this year don’t have anything to be afraid of either.I guess i’m just like this, afraid of new surroundings.It’s natural.