French using live dogs as shark bait.

This is rather sickening. I am not sure how they thought up this idea in the first place.,2-2005450117,00.html

I would be shocked, but this is from “The Sun” so I’m guessing it is a total lie.

I can only think of two motives for using pets as shark bait:

1-) it is known that sharks are attracted by vibrations, and a puppy or kitten underwater will provide more vibes through their struggling than any fish.

However, it is also known that sharks don’t usually eat food that isn’t their natural prey. I had a few articles in Portuguese explaining that they will chew anything, even steel plates if these excite them, but if it’s not fish (or seals for some) they will spit. If so, using a dog or cat for the sole purpose of shark fishing is stupidity. Simply using fish would be easier, cheaper and more effective.

Or, 2-) Those people know about this too, and are doing what they do just out of pure cruelty. There are people who enjoy torturing animals, and/or watching they die cruel deaths. Though I’ve never seen them going this far in such illness, I wouldn’t doubt they’re able to reach this amount of sophistication.

No matter what the reason is, these people should be behind bars. Or in a sanitarium.

edit: Or 3-) It’s not true, as you guys are saying.

that is so real

The french kick ass.

No way, Monsieur!
I do not believe this anti-French propaganda. I will call ma tante Brigitte immediately.

For many years the Brigitte Bardot Foundation has evolved and leads a stronger battle in favor of pet and wild animal protection in the world.

Chirac and Raffarin support the Foundation$ok=2&Id=2

i believe this

i really do

Devillion stop that double posting, now


Nani? :o

Yes, yes they do. They have my full support.

That is so cruel, those french bastards. There is a line , and they have obviously crossed it.

It’s not real, they probably just found a picture of a dog that got snagged by a hook, this is “The Sun” it is a tabloid, hence they “bend the truth”. If you dragged a dog from behind a boat like that, you would rip it’s snout right off.

I dont think its true

I like this thread now.

Yeah. They’ve got a picture of a fishhooked dog and used it to create a story to sell papers. No pictures of the dogs actually being used as bait.

Not to mention, and perhaps I’m overthinking this, but you’d have to use live bait like this by trolling, or the dog would just swim back to the boat. And if you go trolling with them, the dog’s lips would rip and you’d lose your bait, so that’s useless for fishing for anything. <i>Como se dice</i> bullshit?

I mean, c’mon, <i>The Sun</i> is a tabloid. Half the reason they’re still in business is because there’s always nudity on page 3.

Kraken knows this because reading The Sun is his guilty pleasure.

I’m agnostic. I have no reason to be guilty about viewing porn.

And I’m not British, so I don’t have ready access to the paper. However, considering the things that don’t go in newspapers here in America, it’s apparently a common practical joke in Britain to buy visiting American tourists a copy of <i>The Sun</i>. Or at least hand it to them at a newsstand, saying “There’s a story on page 3 you’ll like.”

Even if the dog swam back to the boat it would take help for him to get back into the boat so he’d just be swimming next to the boat and sharks do hunt close to boats. No trolling involved, just a hook and a loose line. And Yes, we are putting too much thought into this.