Freeware Final Fantasy

You guys have probably already seen this, but here it is anyway.

I can’t check it out, but it seems interesting.

It’s a game for RPG Maker 2000, and a pretty damn good one, if I do say so myself. I’ve played it.

I downloaded it, but after I saw the god-awful English in the first five minutes I deleted it. Yeesh.

Yes, the grammar leaves something to be desired. But that aside, it IS a well-made game. Cid, I urge you to give it another shot.

Sorry, I have a thing about grammar. It really bugs me. There’s no way I’d be able to enjoy a badly-spelled game.

I agree with Cidolfas on this. While I can tolerate minimal humerous errors, it really bugs me when there is a consistant grammar problem in a game.

Ah, So You may excuse if Me or Lunaris were in a game and our Typo styles were copied for when we spoke, but not the whole thing.

Big Nutter
Sychofreinic Typomaster!

I like playing Freeware RPGs (I even shrined Warrior Dragon), but whenever I see an RPGMaker game, a red flag just goes up.

I guess I’m just prejudiced against RPGMaker games.

Oh, a lot of them are crap, yes, but likewise, there’s a few shining gems.

Try giving Jay’s Journey a shot. It’s made with 90% RTP reasources, and it remains to this day one of the best RM2k games out there.

The absolute best RPGM2K game I’ve played is called something like A Broken Line (I don’t remember the full name). Although the graphics weren’t all that great, the story and direction was much better than your average professional RPG. It was quite something.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m sure there are some fantastic RPGMaker games. But I just prefer playing games that are programmed from scratch (Go Crazy Lou 64 and Crazy Cross!).

Or maybe I’m still bitter that my HD got formatted a few years ago after I made my Beowulf RPGMaker RPG, but before I had a chance to upload it anywhere. =(

Are you talking about A Blurred Line? That one is awesome, too. I hope it gets finished someday.

One last game I feel is worth a mention is The Way. It which takes place over 7 episodes, 5 of which are done. It does things that you never thought RM2k could do.