I’d be pissed too if I was an Iraqi about to receive the Bush administration’s idea of freedom.


I don’t know how trustworthy this news source is, but the content, if true, is absolutely <b>horrifying</b>.

‘You’re either with us or against us, vermin, that’s what fredom means!’
Yeah. That’s what this article makes me think of.

Don’t believe everything you read. Democrats looked long and hard at things like this and could not uncover anything. The election was not stolen by manipulating votes after the fact.

Oh my god o_O. There’s a link to the GAO report though, I wonder if its there just for show. I would think not o_O

They list what the GAO finds which is that the voting system was not very secure at all. They say nothing about the report actually saying republicans cheated. They make the jump that since it was not secure and some people say they were cheated that the republicans must have cheated. Their examples of republicans cheating are pretty flimsy. A lot of them end with “allegedly fixed” or “virtual statistic improbability”. Those just scream tin-foil hats and black helicopters. When the red sox were down 3-0 last year it was a virtual statistic improbability that they could win the series, but that’s why they play the games and not just say what should happen.

One thing that sort of pisses me off aout BUsh and his wanting to “spread democracy” across the world is that even America doesn’t have a democracy, we have a republic. The individual states are democratic for the most part, but not the nation. Since we don’t have a democracy, we shouldn’t be pressing one on others. Hell, or founders and many political theorists were afraid of democracy and didn’t want it for many reasons, some thatw e are actually seeing in Iraq.

As for the article, that is pretty interesting.