Freedom, at long last !!!

Of debts, that is !!

After 5 long years, I’ve managed to clear out all my student loans. It feels incredible. A new “chapter” of my life now begins. I can finally begin to store money and find the ideal appartment when the time comes.

Now to celebrate this joyous occasion with a beer… or two :smiley:

And just for kicks, here’s a pic of my tarantula having a drink !

Yes, they drink from a water bowl like all other animals.

This is fantastic news, congratulations!

It is a wonderful feeling. I paid my loans off earlier this year as well. Cheers DG!

Congrats, I’ve got $150,000 to go.

Nice job. Congrats, DG.

Also, Xwing: Good luck…

Congratulations. Off to save money for a bad day or for the best day ever: Having something you can call your own.

I didn’t have much in the case of student loans, but just last Friday, first PAYCHECK in a job on my field. One year of unpaid internship feels like a distant past right now.

Gratz, I still have $30k-$45k, myself …

Thank you all for the kind words. For those of you with loans to pay off… all I can say is don’t give up, eventually you’ll earn that same financial freedom !