Man…this game is very addiciting…who else plays freecell a lot on the computer

Freecell? Damn, I haven’t played that game in YEARS! I didn’t see how it was possible to lose, though.

Each game on the Windows version of FreeCell is beatable, just many harder than others. It is pretty fun though

Damn it! You tricked me! I thought you were giving away free cells.

I always found it impossible to beat. I suck.

I’ve only got about a 50/50 score on it, but I’ve played it thousands of times :stuck_out_tongue:

I once finished it 5 times in a row without getting any game stuck. Quite a feat.

I beat it occasionally, but I stick with Minesweeper and Solitaire.

i love that game. but it has to be one of the easiest games i’ve played

I can’t stand freecell, solitare is much better.

I’m pretty good at it, I think I once won about a dozen times in a row.

I stay away from those games: They’re evil, in the bad way.

Just wait untill you have been assimilated.

I mostly stick with solitaire too- or hearts :smiley: I love hearts.

I’m gonna learn to play it in a bit. I hope it’s good ^.^

free cell is ok, but i prefer “hearts” myself

My old comp had roughly 3300 games one, and a ratio of 53%.
New comp’s at 767 won, and 67%.

On both, biggest winning streak’s been 11.

I think it stole my soul.