I got the idea from the minesweeper thread. What is the most wins in a row you’ve had playing freecell? I got 15 yesterday (man, i was so depressed when i lost).

I’ve beaten it once, ever. I stopped playing a while ago. Damn it’s a frustrating game. Well done.

My boss had a 200 or 300 game winning streak, I don’t remember which.

That statement is just bursting with irony.

I think 3 was my best ever. It never feels like much of an achievement when I actually beat it. It just asks if I want to play again.

17 is my best, I think.

It’s been awhile since I played it, though. It’s somewhere in the 10’s, though.

When actually playing a new game via F2, 14. When I choose the game number, I think I got to near a thousand. I remember a few years ago I found a game number wherein everything was dealt in such a way that it would complete itself.

Don’t play it.

The only reason I started playing was because a friend of mine told me how hard it was during a comp class we had. I taught myself and beat it my first try. She got sooooo ticked.